Your 1 2 3 Ultimate Travel Guide In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a well developed ultimate travel city that is rich in culture, history, city attractions and laid back lifestyles. It is a very friendly city with a relatively low crime rate. It is very safe to walk or bike within the beautiful city and explore its attractions. Walking is considered the usual form of travel especially for tourists although some prefer to use bikes. The city attractions in Amsterdam are ideal for those who like to take long leisurely strolls, or jog around for some exercise. It is also considered a very liberal city, with the abundance of cannabis cafes, marijuana legality, and the popularity of the red light district, which are some of the characteristics Amsterdam is best known for.

The travel in the city fuses the best of the old world and the new world. It will not be difficult for tourists to ask around for information, as there are many English speakers in the city. German and French are the other dominant languages spoken in Amsterdam.

Any time of the year is good in going for an ultimate travel, although it is advisable to bring rain gear because it can rain at anytime. July to August is considered peak seasons for travel. It can be quite costly sometimes but most of the prices are inclusive of tax, so you no need to worry about tipping during your travel.

There are many city attractions with museums, restaurants and cafes being high on the list. All sorts of cuisine can be found in Amsterdam, whether you are looking for Greek or Chinese, they have it. During the cold season, grabbing a warm drink in the local pubs is a great way to experience its culture and meet the locals.

There are a number of hotels, motels, and hostels that you could choose from in Amsterdam. Depending on your budget, some bagpackers prefer to stay in abandoned buildings, perfect for travel experience and just pay for electricity and water. Hotels range from old and new, so there is something for everyone, whether you are looking for an authentic ultimate travel stay that is rich in history and traditional to Dutch culture or something newer and more innovative travel.

There are also a number of shops for shopping travelers. Aside from city attractions, there are music, antique, food and cheese, vintage comic & clothing, modern clothing, and souvenir stores. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for in Amsterdam, there is something for you to make your own unique travel truly unforgettable.

Not The Whitsundays, Australia, Part 1

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You’ve probably heard of the Whitsundays – beautiful Australian tropical islands with white sandy beaches and coral reefs. Maybe you’ve been to a resort on one of the islands, or taken a flight or a cruise from Shute Harbour. All the year round, many visitors come from all over the world, as well as from all Australian states and territories to enjoy the beaches, the reefs, the fishing and many other pastimes. Whether it be to relax on the beach or to enjoy the adrenalin rush of sky-diving, the Whitsundays provide all this and more.

What happens, though, if you enjoy looking at that beautiful blue-green water, with islands, nearby and distant, across the Whitsunday Passage, but can’t bear the thought of stepping on board a boat, much less getting into one of those tiny planes, or even worse – a helicopter! And the Great Barrier Reef is a 40km “voyage”….

Or maybe you’ve “Been there, done that”, taken a couple of day cruises, and your budget is blowing out. What else is there to do?

All you really want to do is lie in the sun on a nice sandy beach and relax. Maybe you’ll drop in to a hotel for a counter lunch, or in the evening, and visit a couple of nice spots for dinner. You may take a look around the shops, or try a few different beaches.

This was our situation when we arrived at Airlie Beach with our 5th wheel trailer, for a couple of weeks at a tourist park. There is a good selection of caravan parks with various levels of facilities. The major associations are well represented. Free stays are harder to come by in the area. We also had our Westie, Snowy, so we needed a place that allowed pets. We found a good place, as we usually do. We don’t like leaving Snowy behind for day trips, another reason not to visit the Islands this time around. It turned out we found all we wanted, although it wasn’t as we expected!

Our site was backing onto the small Whitsunday airport, with planes and helicopter flights to and from the islands, and for sky-diving, from early morning till dusk. Fortunately not at night! Having spent three years in the RAF back in the days of National Service, it was a familiar sound, and didn’t disturb me at all, I heard no complaints from other visitors either.

The Town of Whitsunday includes Airlie Beach, Shute Harbour, and couple of other places, all in close proximity, so any park is handy for the island cruises and reef
excursions. There are lots of palm and other tropical trees including, in the location called Flametree, of course, flame trees, all around.

Mexican Living Survival Tip # 1

July 28, 2013 by  
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A typical day in the life of an American expat living in Mexico will include trying to find drinking water. You might be surprised by this but everyone knows that you cannot “drink the water in Mexico”. This refers to the fact that you cannot drink the tap water in Mexico. Probably every American adult already knows that you cannot drink the tap water. But does the typical American adult know just how one obtains drinking water in Mexico?

In a word: bottles!

The day in and day out routine in Mexico to obtain the liquid of life, that which is absolutely essential for survival, is that you must have bottled water. To meet this need, two companies where I live, Guanajuato, have sprung into being. To say that they are in competition with one another for customers, competition as Americans would define competition, would be a misnomer. That is to say, I think so.

The way this works is that the drinking-water employees walk through the streets of Guanajuato screaming all the livelong day, “Agua…agua…agua”. They punctuate the end of their musical-like screeching with the name of their company so you, the customer, will know whether you should run naked from the shower, sopping wet, to the nearest window to scream back, “A-G-U-A!”

So, picture this, if you will:

You are in the shower. You have just covered your body with a thick, foamy layer of soap. You are so white you look like a polar bear walking on its hind legs. In addition, you look like a polar bear walking on its hind legs that is also blind. This is because you have just lathered your hair with shampoo and you cannot see for fear of the searing, burning pain that will certainly ensue should you open your eyes even for God.

You are down to your last three ounces of bottled water and are in the shower when you hear the plaintiff screech coming from the alley,

“Agua…agua…agua Purificada!!” (Purficada is the name of one of the two companies.)

You go tearing out of the shower looking very frightening. You do this because you know that if you do not get to the nearest window and begin what sounds like a mating call between two torridly-in-love beasts, then you will lose out on getting water.

The result of any hesitation on your part will most likely result in not getting water—period!

Now let me extrapolate on this, with your permission.

The bottled-water guys never come two days in a row. The Apocalypse could be in mid-Apocalyptic frenzy and these guys will never, for love or money, come two days in a row to give you water during the Mother of all Wars. What I am saying is that they could come on a Monday, and if you do not load up on bottles of water then, you could be looking forward to dehydration as the mode of your imminent death.

Not only that, they may not even return to your neighborhood for weeks on end. For reasons known only to the employees of these two water companies, they simply do not engage in any sort of regular or predictable route. No one in this country, from “sea to shining sea” (from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean) knows why!

Here are some suggestions as to why they do not come—ever—to your house more than two days in a row.


1. Forget about you completely and figure that you moved or died.
2. Have some sort of passive-aggressive fit, “How dare them not scream back at me when I went to all this trouble to sing the agua love song to them from the alley…I will show them! Grrrr!”
3. Do not keep records mentally or on paper when someone last ordered water.
4. Make the assumption that you are getting your water some other way.

I do not know.

But, the point is, unless you have a car, and have the strength of Hercules, you cannot pop down to the store and get some water. These bottles are enormously heavy.

So, the next option is: USE THE TELEPHONE.

At the writing of these words, I have called five times and sent two emails to the company, “Agua Purficada”. Three and a half days later, they still haven’t shown up.

With each phone call, I have encountered someone who sounds sympathetic and like they actually care about the urgency that I feel because my life is ebbing away from lack of water. They promise that they will send someone who will be at my door in an hour. I am sitting here in mid-evening almost four days later with no water.

If you are going to live in this country, you will have to get used to this happening all the time, in all aspects of life here. There is nothing you can do about it. The bottled water company will bring you water when and if they think you need some water. That is the only thing I can tell you that makes any sense.

The horrible thing is that if you were Mexican, this would not happen to you. I realize what I am implying here but it is the sad truth. And mind you, I can speak the language. It is not a language barrier issue. I can communicate clearly, in Spanish, that I need water, where I live, and can’t you hurry I am dying here!

I immediately called my Mexican friends in town. They told me that they get water within minutes of making ONE phone call. Count it—ONE! I have made five calls and sent emails and I have nothing to show for it. One Mexican friend even asked me to repeat to her what I said to the water people. She said that should have done it, but alas, it did not.

Doug’s Mexican Living survival tip for getting your water is this:

Even if you are fully supplied with water, and hear the water guy coming, buy another bottle or two. Always have three full bottles in reserve! Always!

Las Vegas A Wondrous Playland, Part 1

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Las Vegas is a wondrous playland that is often overshadowed by the reputation of seedy gamblers and an excessive indulgence regarding forbidden actions and experiences. In actuality, Las Vegas is a city that caters to anyone and everyone interested in exploring a non-stop explosion of bright lights and high energy. This is a city that never seems to sleep as Elvis impersonators flash and glitter at every twist and turn.

The city serves as a 24-hour playground, where business keep odd hours to entertain and satisfy the masses. At any given time, you may find fitness centers, spas, video stores, supermarkets, bars, nightclubs open to accommodate the night owls still stirring during the wee hours after dark. When it comes to convenience, Las Vegas definitely knows how to show its guests a good time.

To enjoy the thrill of winning thousands of dollars at a Craps table to taking your time at a slot machine, the Las Vegas casinos are mainly situated on the Strip or Downtown section of town. Shuttle buses and other modes of transportation are available to usher you to your next destination, although walking from one point to another is not unheard of. Before hitting the casinos, be aware that it is a dog-eat-dog world and knowing how to play, as well as bet, will most certainly come in handy.

While the attractions and main sights of the city are enough to seal the deal, it is the hotels that also create a one-stop shop and arena of pleasure. Usually, most of the accommodations about town offer easy access to a casino, but not everyone is tempted by the lure of Jackpots and hitting Blackjack. For this reason, accompanying an entertaining stay in the city is a wide-range of extravagant themed resorts (such as the Aladdin to the Hard Rock Hotel) that pleases the likes of the mother of three to the anxious businessman to the budget traveler.

The nightlife is bustling with excitement, which can be enjoyed before or after you settle at one of the numerous all-you-can-eat buffets, filled with steak, shrimp, and other delicious cuisine. While the city is filled with enough to keep a visitor quite busy, there are also many interesting side trips to explore, including the nearby Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam attractions.

How We Can Change Our Lifestyles To Preserve The Rainforest, Part 1

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We should all be concerned with saving the rainforest, and we can do our part by making small changes to our lifestyles. If everyone chose to do so, the results would be amazing. Trees offer us beauty and shade of those hot summer afternoons. Trees also help reduce the effects of carbon dioxide. Planting more trees is a very easy way you can help the to preserve the rainforest.

You can help reduce the amount of waste by recycling, especially recycling paper. The number one reason why rainforests are being destroyed is to provide more wood for paper. Another reason is for building homes and businesses. There are plenty of other types of materials you can choose from so that the rainforest can be preserved.

Other products produced from rainforest trees include rubber and lumber. Take a good look at how much of these commodities you are using. Try to limit the use of them to only necessities and look for alternative materials when it comes to luxury items.

Do you drink large amounts of coffee or use spices each time you cook? If so, you can be damaging the rainforests. This is because the demand for coffee and spices are so high areas of the rainforest are being cleared away to grow them.

Americans contribute to 25% of the pollution worldwide. This is due to the fact that they consume more fossils fuels for their vehicles and factories than any other country. There are many changes you can make to cut down the amount of pollution you contribute on a daily basis.

Consider taking public transportation or carpooling to and from work. There are also many great models of hybrid vehicles that can operate for long periods of time on electricity. This is a good investment for the environment as well as to save money on the cost of fuel.

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