Planning Your Cheap Holiday To The Caribbean

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The Caribbean is a great place to travel as a cheap holiday destination. Every island offers a different story and you feel the diversity surrounding you. The culture of the different islands is what makes the Caribbean cheap holiday a memorable experience. You might decide to visit the Bahamas, Jamaica, St Lucia or Barbados for a relaxed and exciting holiday vacation. The areas are filled with resorts and hotels as well as villas and home rentals that can enhance your stay on one of the islands of the Caribbean. Not only are the islands spectacular for touring, they also offer the finest cuisine of the Caribbean and other areas of the world.

A cheap holiday to the Caribbean will give you a chance to lie on a beach surrounded by white sands and blue waters that look ever so inviting. The warmth of the Caribbean air soothes the soul and helps you relax and enjoy your stay. Whichever island you choose for a cheap holiday destination will provide you with adventure and excitement. You might try your hand at snorkeling or scuba diving around the islands. You can experience the underwater marine life in their own habitat, see the beautiful array of colors the sparkle, and shine beneath the water.

You can choose the cheap holiday package that will take you an island of choice where you will experience more adventure then anywhere else. The rainforests and the beautiful wildlife that inhabit the islands can be seen on tours of the islands. There is no other way to experience nature than with a cheap holiday Caribbean vacation destination. When you are not sightseeing, you can be watching or participation in the culture dances or festivals that the islands provide for tourists. You can sit by the pool and soak up sun, or take a stroll around the island and discover why nobody ever wants to leave once they have arrived on the islands.

You can plan your cheap holiday destination, which can include airfare, hotel accommodations and car rental services. You can find specials that have special attractions included as well.

How To Book Cheap Flights

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Contrary to what most believe, travel agents do not always know best. They tend to steer you on the route of major airlines, which happens to be the most expensive. They neglect to inform their customers of the other methods of travel that are available to them, which makes sense because they will not make a commission if the customers go with a method that they are not affiliated with.

With that said, why use a travel agent? Be your own travel agent. The following information will tell you how to be your own travel agent and book the cheapest flight possible.

Global Travel International provides all of the necessary resources for anyone to be an independent travel agent. As an independent travel agent, you can take advantage of the many opportunities you’ll have to attend educational and exciting workshops, seminars, events and conferences. You’ll learn the most fundamental rules of getting the cheapest flight possible. One of the rules is that flights leaving Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays are always more expensive. Try to leave and return sometime in the middle of the week.
You’ll learn the lowest possible fare might not fall under the economy or APEX fare rate. APEX (advance purchase excursion), is much lower than normal fares and is valid in specific sectors of economy class. It also must be purchased at least seven days prior to time of departure.
You can take advantage of deals that cater directly to travel agents. Travel agents are privy to a wealth of discounts due to their status.
You’ll learn the best deals for flights for major airlines are located and sometimes only valid on the company’s website. As a travel agent you will be sent notifications of deals through email, which at most times are before they are featured on the site itself.

You’ll learn where and how to book charter flights. They, for the most part, offer fares that are much lower than major airlines. The reason for this is because charter companies lease an airplane for a specific route and allotted time. The already low price for tickets begins to decrease as the departure day approaches. However, if not enough seats are sold, the flight will be cancelled without notice, and other airlines are not at any obligation to accommodate you if such an occurrence happens.
Consolidators are the Price Club of airline travel – large brokerage houses which buy blocks of tickets from airlines at wholesale prices and then pass the savings on to individual flyers. Airlines sell to consolidators at reduced prices because they fear that the tickets would otherwise go unsold. Consolidators buy seats mostly on established carriers for flights that are headed to overseas destinations. Travel agents booking flights with consolidators can save anywhere from 20 to 50 percent off the price of a regular ticket.

In addition to booking cheap flights, a Global travel agent can make money in four ways.

1. You earn commission on the travel you book for yourself, your relatives, friends and business associates.
2. You get paid a quick cash bonus when you refer a new agent to Global Travel International
3. You also make money from all of your referred new agents’ commissionable travel sales, and
4. You earn even more cash when your referred agents renew their membership.

Hostels The New Cheap Hotels

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Hostels have long been the “dirty” word in the hotel and travel industry, but times are certainly changing for the better as the public realise more and more that hostels and youth hostels are a viable means of accommodation when they travel around the globe.

Despite their low price and somewhat bad reputation, many hostels are of a high standard and have great facilities for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

The budget travel sector, such as backpackers, gap year travelers and also families wanting multi-location holidays, has boomed in the last few years and is driven to a large extent by word-of-mouth recommendation.

With competition in the industry “hotting up” and with millions of customers each and every year choosing cheaper, cost-effective accommodation, the standard and reputation of these places are ever-increasing.

The major hostel booking companies also have ratings systems which, not only helps customers to choose the right accommodation, but also helps to push hostel owners to do more to satisfy their customers as their ratings directly affect how much business they will receive from these booking sites.

The most popular hostel destinations are: London, Sydney, Rome, Amsterdam and New York and no matter where in the world you are travelling to, you will find a selection of great accommodation to suit both your taste and your budget.

Despite the arrival of budget hotel chains such as Travellodge, Ibis and Jury’s Inns, backpackers still prefer to stay in hostels due to factors such as atmosphere, fun and the social experience of meeting other backpackers.

The hostel industry, once considered a “cottage industry” has now grown rapidly with the entry of new players opening deluxe hostel chains including The Generator Hostel in London


Cheap Airline Tickets To Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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When the need to travel surpasses the need to stay at home, you begin to think about the best place to be at this time of the year. When you need to unleash your wild side and explore new heights for adventure and have loads of fun, Rio comes to mind. A place full of culture, exotic wildlife and several parameters of fun packed into the gigantic South American city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro is definitely the place to be with the most wonderful attraction of the Brazilian capital. They offer loads of fun with the Brazilian zest for life. That is just the reason why it is the site of some of the most wonderful attractions of Brazil.

If you really want to go and visit Brazil you need to do some planning first. You need to find some cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a quick guide to help you look for those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil would do well at this point in time when you would need enough cash to spend for fun.

While most places are dependent on a season for tourism, Rio may be an exemption. People from all over the world flock to this place the whole year round as the tropical weather allows them to entertain visitors the whole year through. So expect to encounter not a little competition when you are searching for those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In order to get your hands on cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you will have to book very early. Cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are often the first ones to go with most people before their mid-fifties trying to queue for the cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So you have to explore the internet and find some sites that will help you find those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Be careful on putting too much trust on one site though. You need to compare the data shown on one site with others.

Most sites update their prices on a daily basis, but due to the influx and the never-ending line of visitors waiting to visit Rio, most sites do not update their ticket prices that often. So the prices of those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in one website may differ from prices on other site. Since you need the best offers for those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, you need to dig through the numerous websites who could offer the least.

Of course, there is no single best site to find cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil if you cannot monitor the news and the web to get information that will eventually score you those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

You may probably need help from a travel agency, particularly on one that specializes in trips to Rio. The reason for this is that some agencies only act as middlemen and they add a huge profit margin to actual prices of tickets and you end up paying a lot of money for those cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you manage to get the help from an agency that specializes in Rio, they may be able to offer you cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil because they have direct contacts to the agencies based in Rio.

These agencies that specialize in Rio de Janeiro can also offer you better value for your money with their familiarity as an added advantage.

More often than not, cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are offered for flights just after midnight and it may sound stressful to travel in the middle of the night but at least you cut eight hours of boredom while on the plane where you just sleep the night away and wake up to a new day with cheap airline tickets to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Finding Cheap Flights To Alicante

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Most visitors to the Costa Blanca region take an Alicante flight into the area. Alicante airport offers many flight options and low cost fares. The accessibility of rail services, buses and care hire companies make travel to this area easy. You have many choices for travelling from the airport to other areas in the region and around the country.

Over sixty million people travel to Spain each year. The Spanish government has invested in infrastructure to make the country more accessible to both visitors and citizens. As a result, this country is one of the most affordable in terms of travel.

Best Prices on a Spain Flight
The internet offers the ability to reserve flights into the area without a travel agent. Prices fluctuate daily and even many times during a given day. Tickets work on the principle of supply and demand. The more tickets that are available, the cheaper the fare. The opposite is also true.

Nott all travel websites are created equally. Don’t expect to find the same deals on all the sites. Flights can vary widely in terms of price and availability. Compare flights on several different sites to get the best deal. This will be more time consuming, but can save you a significant amount of money.

The time of year and day of the week make a big difference in the fares you will pay. Tuesday and Thursday are typically the least expensive days to fly. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the most expensive flight days. Also, consider taking a flight in the non peak hours to save money. Travelling in the peak summer season will be more expensive than in the off peak season, just before or after the summer.

Book in advance for the best deals. Some people believe that waiting until the last minute is a good way to get a deal. This can be true in the off season, but flights fill up quickly in the peak season. To get a good deal and still have the availability, you should book your trip about three months in advance for international travel.

Discount Carriers for a Cheap Alicante Flight
Discount European airlines often offer good deals on flights into Alicante ( ). These flights are not always listed on all travel sites. They can be a little tough to find and you’ll need to spend some time looking around. Although it will be more time consuming, you will save more money, which may be well worth the time invested.

Discount airlines are able to offer better prices in exchange for less convenience on the plane. These are no frills flights. There is little or no food served on the plane. You won’t get a meal, but may get a small snack on some flights. On other carriers, you will be charged for drinks. This helps keep down the cost of the tickets. Consider bringing your own snacks on the plane for your trip.

You should expect some inconvenience in exchange for the lower fare. In some cases, your flight will not be direct. You may need to change planes during your journey. If you are connecting in another country, you may need to collect your bags and check them in again for the second flight of your trip. This can be a hassle, but again you will save money. Ask about this policy with the individual airline.

Keep in mind that you may have more inconvenience if your flight is cancelled for any reason. It may not be as easy to get another flight when using a small airline as it is with a major carrier. Larger carriers won’t honor your ticket and you’ll have to wait for an alternate flight with your small airline.

Finding Cheap International Flights On The Web

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I love traveling. And I am not referring to the annual trips to the same uninteresting places. What I am talking about is trips to exotic destinations, which almost always means traveling abroad.

This is undoubtedly an expensive proposition which is further complicated by the continuous rising of aviation fuel. All these have made me very careful and wise.

Thus, the first thing I have been doing consistently for some time now when I am planning a trip is to search cyberspace for cheap international flights.

Due to the many prejudices that exists with regards to cheap international flights, I simply cannot proceed without shedding more light on some of the blatant falsehood that is associated with this.

The most important misconception is one that infers that when you get a discount tickets for overseas trips, you will end up flying on a nondescript airline with a blighted safety record.

This is simply not true. In fact, the reverse is almost the case because with a little bit of luck, you can even secure seats on your favorite airline that is leaving from the airport that is closest you.

The next warped tale about cheap international flight is that any one who holds such tickets will have to fly standby, an euphemism for your non departure at all. This is the reason why I am writing this; to debunk the misconceptions, and further inform you that it is very feasible to save substantial money on overseas trips even when you buy a seat of your own.

The last of the misconceptions is the one that says that the only method you can use to obtain cheap international flights is when you claim to be a student or an elderly person.. Again, this is wide off the mark. Anyone that is smart enough to take advantage of the offer can benefit from the discount tickets.

Okay, you are now aware that you can indeed benefit from cheap international flights, what next?

Where can you find them ? in most cases these discounts airline tickets can only be found on various travel sites online. However, majority of the websites you come across will be only offer straight discount travel services.

What this means is that your intended departure and arrival dates must be fed into the database of the website, to get a list of the cheapest fares that are available on the stables of all airlines on those dates.

These fares of course will be much cheaper than the one the airlines will quote if you telephone them directly. Wondering how I got to know this? Because I actually checked! This method is one of the easiest way to get cheap international flights.

Some websites uses a bidding system for their cheap international flights. Just like the normal bidding process you are familiar with, you will specify the amount you are willing to shell out for your plane tickets.

And after about two days you will almost certainly receive an e-mail informing you whether you bid was successful or not.

While this is also a good way of finding cheap international fare, you must realize that any amount you specify is a binding offer, and will be penalized if you try to renege on it.

The disadvantage of this is if you happen to find a better deal later on, then it is your rotten luck! Just as when your bid on cheap international flights is too low, your offer will be rejected.

If you are savvy enough, these few information is enough for you to develop your technique of getting cheap international flights for all your future vacations.

Since I don’t pay full fare for my airplane seat, the extra cash can be used for other useful and memorable things on the journey. You can also enjoy this privilege in no time if you adhere to the tips.

Discover How Cheap Travel Agents Can Save Your Time And Money.

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It used to be the case that cheap travel agents were a sort of oxymoron. People paid a premium to get their vacations and business trips booked by someone else with little or no disturbance. Since the advent of the internet, all that has changed.

Travel agents have had to lower their prices and fees to compete with the internet. Most people who can afford vacations or go on business trips also have access to the internet. There are many sites on the internet that allow a person the ability to quickly and easily make all their own travel arrangements.

In addition, airlines and hotels have upped the prices they charge travel agents because the airlines and the hotel companies want people to book directly through their own places. Because of these factors, travel agencies have had to lower their prices considerably in order to compete, resulting in cheap travel agents.

Just because there is a excess of cheap travel agents doesn’t mean that the quality is any less than it used to be. Indeed, many cheap travel agents, in addition to lower prices, offer many more services than they used to in order to attract and keep more business.

For example, cheap travel agents may book activities for you. If you are going on a tropical vacation, they can book scuba lessons. If you are going skiing, they can arrange a deal on your raise tickets.

Furthermore, cheap travel agents still have access to all sorts of valuable information that you may not have on the internet. For example, cheap travel agents still know which companies are trustworthy and which have had problems.

They are also sources of invaluable information such as local customs, if you are traveling abroad, weather, and information on food and water quality. They can offer personal insight into the area you are traveling to which you might not be able to find in an online search.

Cheap travel agents not only offer these services, they also do all the groundwork for you. Basically, you decide what you want and the travel agent makes it happen. If you want the best price on an airline or hotel, you may have to go to many different sites to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Even cheap travel agents have the best prices and the best deals right at their fingertips. This could save you a lot of time and some money in addition to trying to keep track of which websites had the best deals and the constantly changeable prices that seem to accompany hotel and airplane ticket prices.

If you don’t have the time or the leaning to read carefully various websites looking for airfare or hotel deals, consider using the services of a trustworthy and cheap travel agent.

Cheap International Flights And Travel

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If you’ve been shopping for cheap flights online, you no doubt have occasionally found yourself in the “Twilight Zone” of international travel costs. I speaking of course about the difference in valuations of the various currencies used throughout the world. Unlike a national purchase where everything is dollar based, the international market uses a basket of currency or the local currency of the country where traveling. This can lead to some very unpleasant surprises if not careful.

So how can someone see the world without going bankrupt while trying to get to see it all? The answer is careful shopping. Last minute deals are available for those with a less than strict time schedule. This method of travel has been known as “stand by” air travel for years. Using this method of cheap travel, you go to the airport, buy a ticket and sign in to wait if you can get on the plane. Full fare customers come first, then if any seats are left, they are offered to stand by folks at the heavily discounted rate.

Of course, not all of us have the time or inclination to for leisure flight times. The next best alternative to full fare, expensive international air travel tickets is the consolidator. Here, a wholesaler, or consolidator purchases a block of tickets for a specified flight, day or time. These blocks of seats have been discounted to the wholesaler because the purchase was made as part of an ongoing agreement or simply due to the “buy in bulk” discount.

Care must be taken as travel agencies will sometimes use the services of consolation companies to gain low cost tickets to sell. The travel agency will then typically add service charges to cover their overhead and profit. This can sometimes be significant but may be the only way to get at least a somewhat discounted rate for some of the more popular travel destinations

A quick search on the web can deliver all types of potentially cost saving offers for cheap international tickets. Care must be taken because although many will claim the lowest prices, the fact is that additional charges, fees and costs may not all be included in each offer. Be sure to measure apples to apples when pricing tickets from a variety of consolidators. Some have been known to lower the price of the fare then charge extra high service fees to make it for the seemingly lower fare. Make certain when to find out the final, total cost for your international airfare ticket before making the commitment!

Cheap Flight To Poland

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Cheap Flight to Poland: Helpful Tips When Travelling to Poland

In the past all foreign tourists were forced to exchange certain amount of money every time they were crossing the boarder according to the official (poor) course – not anymore! People from Western Europe and the USA were also forced to pay higher rates in the hotels than people from Eastern Europe – not anymore either. In spite of the fact that Polish “zloty” (Polish currency) is interchangeable into dollars (there is not anymore “official” and “inofficial” exchange course). Poland is still a relatively cheap country for the foreigner from the Western Europe and the USA.

There are some precautions that you need to take into account before your travel to Poland:

Better use public transportation than rent a car. Car insurance is very expensive, one of the reason, many cars, especially the expensive western brands are stolen by car “Mafia’s”. Besides, the road system is poor, there is not enough highways and freeways in the country. Traffic on the streets of many towns is also high (lack of beltways) and it makes driving inconvenient and expensive (gas price is high compared to the USA). Polish police can also take advantage of naïve and “rich” foreign tourists and they are first to get tickets. Public transportation system is cheap and comfortable. It includes trains, buses, airplanes (between some cities) and city transportation system like trams, buses, metro (Warsaw) and of course taxis. Be careful with the taxi. Some taxi drivers may charge you higher rate especially if you are at the airport, Warsaw airport is the worst. I know that the police tried to solve that problem but I am not sure whether they did. For instance the best way of transportation between Krakow and Warsaw is an express train, but the best transportation system between the Warsaw and Wroclaw (Breslau) is to take an airplane.

Do not do any money transactions on the streets. There are money exchange offices (kantors) almost everywhere and they do not charge a fee for a transaction and are safe to exchange the money. Some locals want to take an advantage of the foreigner. Do not try to look too much as a wealthy foreign tourist with expensive cameras hanging from your shoulder and do not speak your language too loud because you would be exposing yourself to either a thief or someone trying to do some questionable deals.

Cheap Hotels Can Make That Vacation More Affordable Than You Think

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The key to enjoying an affordable vacation is to finding inexpensive hotels to stay in. This is because accommodation costs are a significant chunk of the total vacation expenditure and by staying in a cheap hotel vacationers can afford to experience more of what a holiday destination has to offer.

Families planning a vacation need to keep their eyes open for the best hotel deals on offer. The Internet is a great resource for finding cheap hotels that offer good food and lodging. One can compare services offered across hotels for a given rate; this knowledge helps while negotiating for accommodation. Hotels can also be compared for nearness from the airports, railway stations, and tourist attractions. It is important to look up hotels on more than one site that list comparisons. This is because not all hotels in an area may be listed on a site. Hotels also list discount deals and vacation deals on their own websites, subscribing to hotel newsletters is another option that helps to keep abreast of rate changes.

Staying in a cheap hotel is a great idea not only for budget vacationers but also for those who may not have budget constraints. Cheap accommodation does not necessarily mean having to rough it out.

A little research will enable one to come up with hotels that provide good accommodation at surprisingly cheap rates. However, there are several things that need to be considered while searching for cheap hotels. Most hotels have the cheaper rooms taken up fairly quickly, so it’s important to book in advance. Also, hotel rates during the off-season are low; so families can plan their vacations accordingly. If the cheaper rooms have been taken up when one first enquires, there is no harm in checking again after some time. Also, if the hotel tariffs have fallen after one has made a reservation, some hotels will in fact offer accommodation at the revised rates.

Even if a hotel’s rates appear slightly on the higher side, very often they are negotiable. In fact, vacationers should keep in mind that good bargaining skills can help them get some pretty amazing accommodation deals. In order to be able to bargain skillfully, one needs to first of all communicate with the right person in the hotel, for example the sales manager. Also, it pays to be informed about the facilities that can be had for the rate a hotel is charging and to know the times of the year when the hotel is in demand from business travelers and vacationers.

AAA cards can earn their members discounts of up to 10% on their hotel stay. Points earned on credit cards can also be redeemed by vacationers to contribute to lodging expenses, many hotels that offer cheap rates accept AAA cards and redeem credit card points. Thus, a little planning and careful research in selecting a hotel can enable families on vacation to enjoy the sights and sounds of their chosen destination to a far greater extent.

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