Virgin Islands Top Resort Honeymoons Is Peter Island

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The Virgin Islands Top Resort for Honeymoons has to be Peter Island.

Any visitor here would describe Peter Island as one of the very top Caribbean beautiful small island vacations, with just cause too!!

To be on your honeymoon on Peter Island, is just a dream come true, because as well as being a top Caribbean resort, it is probably the most romantic hotel in the Caribbean.

Honeymoons should always be romantic, and whilst it has to be said that what Peter Island is not, is that it could never be described as one of the most romantic affordable honeymoon ideas, because it is definitely not cheap, however it is one of the two most romantic vacations spots for me.

The first being when my husband proposed to me!! ………………

Enough of that, now what about Peter Island as the most romantic hotel in the Caribbean?

This was our first trip to the Caribbean, although we are very familiar with top class resorts, beautiful white sand beaches, and delicious food, but we were not prepared for some of the most beautiful beaches on Peter Island. It really is a top resort in every sense of the word. The sea is so clean and clear, and if you enjoy snorkelling, which we do, then the beaches we tried snorkelling from were excellent. There were plenty of opportunities to indulge on the water as well with hobie cats, sunfish, windsurfing, sailing, sea kayaking.

The best thing about the beaches apart from the sand and the sea was the fact that there were never many people there. We mostly went to Deadman’s Beach which runs from close to our room, past the beach restaurant

The island itself is a tropical paradise, palm trees, lush green vegetation, and VERY private. No streets, no taxis, no shops, no cruise ships, airports, time share salesmen, not even houses. This is a privately owned island, and it will stay that way – pristine, unspoiled paradise, and very very private.

The accommodation is probably understated, but we were lucky indeed to get an upgrade to a beachfront junior suite.

It was quite amazing, beautifully furnished, a huge bathroom with a double Jacuzzi, and shower. The view from this 1st floor suite was unforgettable, and incredibly you could walk out straight onto the beach without using the stairs or the front door.

I did like all the extras in the suite, the robes, flip flops etc, but the best thing to me was the fact that the radio in the room took CD’s and I always take some away with me, so we could listen to our favourites when we were dressing or just relaxing.

Finally the fridge in the suite was well stocked, and the prices remarkably cheap.

I come now to the food, and with it the service, and this is really where Peter Island has rightly established itself as the Virgin Islands top honeymoon resort, because if ever a girl wants to be pampered it is on her honeymoon!!

Well the food at Peter Island is extremely good, and loving my food as I do, this was a foodie paradise. Breakfast, lunches down on the beach, dinners were all delicious, and I can’t remember a bad meal.

The service was mostly superb, the staff went the extra mile many times for us, and were very good at remembering our names, and supplying us with things like snacks when we wanted them even if we had only casually mentioned the subject.

The total highlight for me was the spa. My husband and I both had massages for the first time, and we loved the pool at the spa with the best views.

Peter Island certainly lived up to its reputation as top Caribbean small island vacation, and will always be on my list of most romantic getaways, but as it is not cheap, whilst most romantic it was not my most affordable honeymoon idea – but who cares – I loved it!!

Vacationing On Hawaii

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Vacationing on Hawaii’s Big Island: Where You Should Stay

Are you looking to take a family vacation or even a romantic getaway? If so, have you decided on a vacation destination yet? Each year, millions of individuals spend days, even weeks, search for the perfect place to spend their next family vacation or romantic getaway. What many people do not realize is that the perfect destination is a lot closer than they think, in Hawaii.

If you are interested in visiting Hawaii, you will need to choose an island to visit. Of course, you can always schedule an inter-island Hawaiian vacation, but it might be better to just focus on one for now. Your choices will likely include Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui, Big Island, and Lanai. One of the most amazing things about Hawaii is each of the islands is amazing all on their own. Although this may seem nice, it may make choosing your next Hawaii vacation destination a little bit harder. It is sometimes hard to choose which island to visit, since they are all perfect. As nice as Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai are, you may want to think about making your next Hawaii trip be to Hawaii’s Big Island.

When it comes to Big Island vacations, one of the first things vacationers what to know is what you can do on the island. It is important to concentrate on the fun island activities that you may enjoy, but, perhaps, it is better to focus on where you can stay on Hawaii’s Big Island. You can’t enjoy an extended vacation without overnight accommodations; therefore, those accommodations should be one of the first things that you focus on, when planning a Big Island vacation. Luckily for you and the rest of your traveling party, you have a number of different options, when it comes to choosing your Big Island overnight accommodations.

If you are like many other travelers there is a good chance that you chose Hawaii, not only for its beauty, but also for the seclusion. Positioned away from the United States, Hawaii often feels as if it is a country all on its own. If the privacy and seclusion is what brought you to Hawaii’s Big Island, you may also want to incorporate that into your overnight accommodations. If you are looking to enjoy your Big Island vacation, in a relatively calm and peaceful matter, you may want to examine Big Island vacation rentals. Big Island vacation rentals are available all across Big Island. You may also enjoy the fact that vacation rentals come in a number of different sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for a luxury Big Island vacation rental or one that can accommodate a large family, there are multiple vacation rentals out there that could give you just what you need.

As popular as Big Island vacation rentals are, there are some individuals who wish to stay at other locations. Whether you are traveling to Big Island with your family or just with your romantic partner, you may want to examine Hawaii Big Island vacation resorts. Hawaii Big Island vacation resorts are also positioned all across the island; however, they tend to be most popular along the cost. What is nice about most Hawaii Big Island vacation resorts is that you aren’t just given a place to stay. Resorts are designed to give travelers everything that they need, all in one place. This means that by choosing to stay at a Big Island vacation resort you should have access to onsite swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants, souvenir shops, and beauty salons. For fun and convenience, a Big Island vacation resort may be able to give you just what you need.

As nice as Big Island vacation rentals and Big Island vacation resorts are, they can get quite costly. If you are looking to save money on your next Big Island vacation, you may want to think about staying at a hotel. While most hotels are not as nice as most vacation resorts, you will find that they do offer great accommodations and services for an affordable price. In fact, on Hawaii’s Big Island, most vacation hotels come equipped with onsite restaurants, fitness centers, laundry facilities, and swimming pools. With a little bit of research, you could easily find a Big Island hotel that makes you feel as if you are staying a vacation resort, without having to pay the full price.

As you can see, if you are planning a Hawaii Big Island vacation, you have a number of different places to stay. Whether you are traveling in December or July, you are advised to make your reservations, no matter where they are, ahead of time.

Prince Edward Island Lighthouses Light The Way Home

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As a coastal community the lighthouses of Prince Edward Island not only served the practical purpose of lighting the way home before the era of GPS navigation, they now offer a unique opportunity to those who visit. Prince Edward Island offers a variety of lighthouse tours ranging from the scenic to the informative.

As most are aware, lighthouses served as a navigational aid for sailors and the ships they captained. Lighthouses are towers that are positioned on sea shores, or even sometimes in harbours. They use a series of lamps and lenses to help guide navigating vessels on the high seas. Lighthouses are used to mark dangerous coastlines, steer ships away from hazards, mark safe entry points into harbours and assist in aerial navigation. With that in mind it is important to note how important lighthouses were to trade and commerce throughout human history.

PEI has a rich history and is the birthplace of confederation in Canada. It also has many historic lighthouses that were used to guide the ships delivering goods to and from Canada. PEI’s lighthouses are classified in two ways “First Generation” (built before 1873) and “Second Generation” (those built following 1873). The difference between the two types is that first generation lighthouses have an octagonal shape and were constructed when timber was plentiful in the province. The second generation lighthouses are square shaped as by this point (post 1873) PEI’s timber supply had been scarce because of the shipbuilding industry.

Lighthouse technology, although used less in modern times, employs a series of lamps and lenses to project light over large distances. This technology utilizes concentrated light from a single continuous source and magnifies and reflects it so that it can be beamed across open water. The first lighthouses were lit by candles, later by whale oil, then by the 1870’s kerosene was typically used.

As an island PEI boasts over 40 historic lighthouses. Surrounded by both scenic red sand beaches and rugged cliffs touring the lighthouses provides wonderful insight into maritime life and well as a rich Canadian history. Since Prince Edward Island is surrounded by water you are never to far from the breathtaking views of the gentle island.

Island Vacation At Florida Keys

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Florida Keys offer some of the most wonderful vacation stops in the world. This is the long stretch of land south of the mainland. It is comprised of five groups of islands known as Key Largo, Marathona, Lower Keys, Key West, and Islamorada.

The first area you reach is Key Largo. This is not very far from Miami, about one hundred and sixty miles. At once, you notice the change in atmosphere from the hustle and bustle of a city to a more laid back air.

People may think that places like Hawaii or Bahamas are the ultimate destinations for vacations but that is not true. In the Florida Keys you can do and see whatever you want. There are isolated beaches for those who want a more private time alone, in the form of Islamorada or Marathon Island and there is an active night life for the more socially inclined.

As for accommodations, there is a range of selection to pick from. If you want a luxury setting with five star standards, there are plenty of places that fall in that bracket. If you prefer a simpler setting there are some rustic places available as well. And with the Gulf of Mexico on the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, no matter where you are in the Keys, the beach would most probably be right outside the door.

There is a lot to see and do in the Keys. Each area has its unique flavor. If you want to be very active there is a whole array of fishing, diving, and trekking programs available. Or you may simply enjoy swimming in one of the most pristine waters on earth and sit in the sun a little later. There is plenty to see too, the Keys are home to a number of artisans and artists for those who are interested in things of that nature.

Florida Keys has a lot of things to experience. Its like that all year round. The residents of Florida call it the 51st state because of its uniqueness and its semi isolation from the other cities in Florida. The only drawback of the Keys is that you would not like to leave you may end up making it your home.

Nukubati Island Resort Labasa The Most Romantic Hotel In The South Pacific

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I had a week on Nukubati Island Resort Labasa, as part of my honeymoon and I thought it was absolutely amazing. Whilst being greeted by hotel staff on the beach is quite commonplace in the South Pacific, this was something else.

Their voices are so harmonious, and apart from our welcome song, there were ice cool flannels, and welcoming drinks, and boy did we need them!! We had read reports which included quotes like “Most romantic hotel in the South Pacific.” And we very quickly realised why.

It is important to be aware that this is an all inclusive resort, and we were looking for all inclusive adult only hotels for our South Pacific Honeymoon.

This is the perfect escape with no phones, no television just serious relaxation.

Jetlag can spoil the first few days of a vacation especially when you are close to the international dateline, and having to conform to meal times isn’t what you want to do. We need not have worried, because we discovered after sleeping in almost all day after arriving, that you can pretty well eat when you want to. We were brought champagne and canapés, and then we had a wonderful seafood meal, and tons of fresh vegetables which we discovered were literally from the back garden!!

We could have eaten in our honeymoon bure all the time, but the dining room was a real treat with tablecloths, candlelight, fresh flowers, looking out onto the beach, and views you can’t really do justice to here.

If you want to see photographs then go to

Fiji and the Pacific islands in general are so lush, and not without reason. It is because of the amount of rain, but it is such warm rain, and it hits you so hard it is totally exhilarating to be out in. I’d never realised before now how much fun swimming in the rain can be!!

Above all it was the superb service, and the attention to detail that we loved. The little things we observed like the mosquito repellent burner at your dinner table, the water tray at the door of the bure, so you don’t bring sand in. The boat bringing you in, takes you to the beach outside your bure, and there would have been a towel on your seat on the boat to stop you from burning yourself.

We attended Sunday church in the local village, and the singing and the harmony was so moving it made me cry.

We also were taken out for a sandbank picnic, which was epic, not only for the picnic, but also the snorkelling afterwards. These little sandbanks only appear for a few hours, but we were taken there, and the staff set up umbrellas, table, chairs, champagne, and a three course delicious lunch, then they picked us up before the sandbank reappeared.

Nukubati is without a doubt the most romantic place I have ever visited. I felt so far away from every care, in fact from the world. I felt we were seeing the traditional Fiji. I know we came looking for an all inclusive adult only hotel for our South Pacific Honeymoon, and what we found was the most romantic hotel in the South Pacific

Manda Island, Kenya

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Manda Bay Resort is a petite lavish private hotel is tucked away on the exclusive Manda Island in northern Kenya’s Lamu archipelago. This is the ultimate ‘get away from it all’ secluded comfort if you are looking to recharge, be pampered and self-indulged. Manda Bay Resort is made up of 16 roomy Swahili chalets with huge wooden beds, huge walk-in mosquito nets and plush en-suite bathrooms. 5 of these chalets are situated on sand dunes while the rest are on the ocean front.

These quiet cottages are placed amid bowed coconut palms bowed, acacia trees and tamarind trees whispering gently in the breeze. All rooms are open to the elements of nature in that they overlook the sandy beaches, the cool sea breeze wafts into them and a clear view of the ocean is visible.

Also visible from Manda is the Island of Lamu in the distance, Shela village and dhows serenely gliding past. The island prides itself in creating the rustic ‘Robinson Crusoe experience’ and visitors can mingle with the local Swahili people and learn a few things about their culture. Cars are not available on both Lamu (the oldest town in east Africa) and Manda, only donkeys and boats, both an experience in themselves. As a result the pace of life is inevitably leisurely and relaxed.

Manda Bay resort also boasts of a baobab tree house. The tree house on the gigantic tree sleeps between two and six people. It has a large terrace on the first floor that encircles the almost 100 year old tree. Drinks can be server for you on this terrace if you so wish. It’s almost heavenly to be unwinding in bed on a baobab tree while watching an array of colourful birds flying by set on the backdrop of villages on the dunes of Lamu Island. If you love bird watching, Manda is the place to raid. There are huge clamshells positioned on the plush the gardens that surround the lodge and they act as birdbaths and draw a colourful assortment of dainty birds at both dawn and dusk.

At sunset you can savour the awe-inspiring African sunset while listening to the soothing sounds of the Indian Ocean caressing the beach. Walks along the beach at sunset while picking shells as the ocean licks ones feet are profoundly relaxing. At night star-gazing the clear skies is a favourite or maybe swimming under the fluorescent lighting of the moon will do. Manda’s special attraction is its freshly caught seafood like Tuna, Crab, Lobster, Prawns, red snapper and squid.

This is also a strategically placed base from which to explore the local panorama and also experience the interesting culture of Lamu Island and its people. Take a trip to Lamu Island and walk through the corridor like ancient streets classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Make sure you listen to the tuneful and mellow Swahili love songs known as ‘Taarabu’ at any restaurant that has a band that plays that music. Sailing in a dhow to see the close by Swahili ruins called Takwa, which was built in the 16th century is also highly recommended and encouraged.

But if all you want to do is to sit back, soak up the sun, luxuriate and just unwind, Manda will be the perfect ambience. So its breakfast in bed you want? You’ll get it. Drinks while you swing on the hammocks under the shade of the Acacia trees? They will be served by the most welcoming stewards you’ll see around. Legend has it that they smile even when they are asleep. Don’t miss the pancakes and fruit salad with fresh coffee or tea made from local spices that are served at breakfast. A basil and tomato omelette may suffice if you’re starving after taking a morning swim.

Things to do in Manda Island include;

Windsurfing: The area around Lamu and Manda offer idyllic prospects for windsurfing. It’s almost guaranteed that the wind will pick up at noon resulting in conditions just right for windsurfing. Lessons and equipment are available. Kite surfing is also increasing in popularity.

Dhow trips: Sailing in delightfully hand crafted dhows is the time-honoured mode of transport along the east African coast. Sailing through the channel between Manda and Lamu is a superb way to relish the African sunset.

Snorkelling: A coral reef is opportunely placed metres from the beach. It is a safe and trouble-free place for children of all ages to see the underwater world. There is an assortment of multi-coloured fish that populate this reef. Snorkelling trips can also be organised to a bigger reef which is an hour’s boat ride away. If you are fortunate you will see schools of dolphins playing around the boat.

Fishing: If you love fishing then you can indulge your senses and fish from the beach. As if that is not enough, voyages can be organized to the open ocean either on a dhow or on a modern speedboat with all the state of the art apparatus. Anything you catch can be cooked as per your instructions to the Manda resort Chefs.

Walking: If you take a 10-minute walk along the shoreline you will find yourself where the open ocean meets the island of Manda. Along the way it is possible to see the colonial history of Lamu district evident in the ruins with rusty cannons inside. It’s unlikely you will meet another person on this rugged stretch of coast.

Other activities on offer include water skiing, scuba diving, trips to Lamu and cycling.

Getting Away To Charity Island

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Getting away to Charity Island offers you the chance to get in touch with nature while relaxing. Unlike other destinations, Charity Island is also a environmentally protected area.

Getting Away To Charity Island

Charity Island is actually two islands, Big and Little Charity Island, both of which are in the state of Michigan. It is located in the Saginaw Bay, which is part of Lake Huron contained inside the state. More than 80 percent of Charity Island is owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as part of its Michigan Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Also on the island is an old and beloved lighthouse, built in 1857 and used until a replacement was built in 1939. Choosing Charity Island as a destination can make your trip to Michigan special and unique, especially if you choose to stay on the islands.

While on Charity Island, you must be aware that you are in a protected environment. As such, there are some rules that need to be followed. There is no camping on the island, so you will need to make other arrangements for accommodations There are also no campfires, hunting, firearms, fireworks, pets or alcoholic beverages allowed on the island. All of these rules are for the safety of the wildlife refuge housed here, and you will need to be mindful of the law as you enjoy your time on the islands.

For accommodations on Big Charity Island, there is just one choice: Charity Island Lodge. This seasonal getaway lodging spot was built in 2003, and it is the only private lodging on the island besides the lighthouse keeper’s home. The lodge offers accommodations for six with a loft area and master bedroom for sleeping. A kitchen is provided stocked with utensils and other necessities, but you will need to bring many items with you; including food, water, linens and toiletries. Getting to Charity Island Lodge requires a boat; either your own or via ferry service that is available from June to September. Nightly rentals of the Charity Island Lodge are available.

Even if you don’t wish to stay on the island, you can still experience Charity Island on a day trip. Ferries to the island including a dinner cruise leave from Au Gres, Michigan all summer. The “Northstar” runs this trip, which includes a tour of the historic lighthouse and a buffet dinner at the Lighthouse keeper’s Home. The trip to Big Charity Island takes about 75 minutes, and is full of breathtaking views and a spectacular sunset on the ride back.

Whether you choose to stay on Charity Island, or in nearby Au Gres or East Tawas, you can be sure that you will have a memorable and exciting family trip. While enjoying the historic lighthouse and beautiful wildlife refuge, be sure to keep in mind the laws of the land, and your entire party will have a great time.

Block Island Rhode Island’s Little Secret

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Block Island is a refuge for people and nature. You’ll discover towering cliffs, stunning views and some of the best beaches on the New England coast… and without the crowds. You see Block Island takes a little bit of effort to get there, and this is good news for you, as most people won’t take the trouble to take the one-hour ferry ride from the mainland.

But it’s their loss… and your gain.

Block Island is a seaside jewel lying 12 miles off the southern coast of Rhode Island. This is a place where nature clings to every pond, stone-walled trail, beach, and everything in between. It’s a paradise for cyclists, and a haven for those ready to leave the trappings and demands of the mainland behind.

Most people take the ferry from Port Judith, which takes one hour across The Sound, and plants you in the hub of Block Island at Old Harbor. A Seasonal ferry service also runs from Newport RI and Montauk NY.

Coming to the Island is a shift in time, with its rugged undeveloped reserves… and open field farmlands… and narrow roads lined with stone walls and wild roses. Block Island invites you to relax in dress and time. It’s a chance for you to rediscover nature again, and appreciate this geological remains from the last Ice Age.

Here’s suggested destinations to help you enjoy Block Island to its fullest…


You don’t want to miss the view from Mohegan Bluffs. Take the Mohegan Trail from the village of Old Harbor out to the Bluffs.

Mohegan Bluffs overlook the southern coast of Block Island, and on a clear day you can see Montauk, NY on Long Island, about 18 miles away. The cliff’s tower 200 feet above the shoreline and offer stunning views of the landscape and the Southeast Light. A steep set of wooden steeps leads down to the beach below.

At this beach a marauding band of Mohegan Indians were repressed by the local tribe, and gave name to the bluffs.


Block Island has two lighthouses: Southeast Light and North Light.

Southeast Light sits atop Mohegan Bluffs and was moved back from a perilous position on the cliffs in 1993. This is an attractive redbrick lighthouse built in 1875, and contains a museum inside for you to explore.

North Light is at Sandy Point on the northern tip pf Block Island. This is the fourth lighthouse in this location and was built in 1867. Two of the previous lights were washed away and the third was dismantled because its position did more harm than good.

North Light is within the boundaries of the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, and that’s where we were heading anyway…


Located on the North End of Block Island the refuge is now a 127-acre habitat for wildlife and for visitors to enjoy the wonder of this natural environment.

If you’re a bird-watcher then the fall season offers a spectacular opportunity to view migratory birds, especially songbirds. Bring your camera and binoculars for a very special trip to a very special refuge.

The shoreline area runs from Settler’s Rock to Sandy point and the North Light, and then from here to Great Salt Pond. This is an ideal area for walking, bird watching, and breathtaking views.


Block Island beaches are the first stop for many first time visitors. The choices are many and varied. It has 17 pristine miles of gorgeous beaches.

The two-mile Crescent Beach area consists of four beaches: Frederick J. Benson Beach, Scotch Beach, Mansion Beach, and close to the ferry landing is Ballard’s. These tend to be the most popular, but don’t forget just a few minutes bike ride away are deserted beaches, where you can enjoy your own spot of peace and harmony.

For such a tiny area, Block Island boasts an amazing 365 ponds – that’s right – one for every day of the year. So as you bike and hike around the island, it doesn’t matter where you’re at… you’re only a few feet away from water.

Permits are required to fish the freshwater ponds.

Other things to do on Block Island include: visits to Manisses Animal Petting Zoo, Settler’s Rock, located at the end of Corn Neck Road near a beach on Rhode Island Sound – the rock marks the landing point of European settlers of Block Island in 1661, and kayaking in New Harbor.

Block Island is a well-kept secret. Very few people know about it as a superior vacation destination. And to be honest that suits me just fine. I’ll continue to take my trips and enjoy the sanctuary it offers. But I’ve shared it with you now, so you have to promise to visit… soon.

While Block Island is a great place to visit for the day, you’ll get more time to enjoy the island if you stay overnight, or even longer, at any of the varied lodging available. But advanced booking is a must.

Inns and bed and breakfasts abound on the island, with many located near the village of Old Harbor and nearby New Harbor.

A Fiji Vacation Package To The Matangi Island Resort

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A Fiji Vacation package to a Fijian island sounds like a dream, but the island you select is vitally important. The Matangi Island resort is the perfect solution and in fact is also an ideal place for a Fiji honeymoon. Matangi is like having your own private Fijian Island, and it is a very exclusive small resort, combining privacy, lovely beaches, great staff to guest ratio, good snorkeling, scuba diving, and superb food.

Matangi is a 240 acre island which is privately owned in Fiji’s northern group of islands. It has 11 beachfront bures, and 3 tree house suites; all built traditionally, and each with superb views. The beachfront bures are under the palm trees, and well spaced out for privacy. Each bure has king sized beds in the very spacious sleeping area. There is a good size living area, good en-suite facilities and a verandah. In fact exactly the facilities you would expect to find in a first class luxury hotel, except it looks like a traditional Fijian village where you don’t have to wear shoes!!

It is all to easy to take a Fijian vacation Package and never quite see the real Fiji, the kind of Fiji island vacation where you abandon your watch, your laptop, your television viewing schedule and get the chance to see life Fiji style.

You can do this at Matangi, where meals are announced by the traditional Fijian Lali Drum, and you very quickly begin to live your life not by the clock but by the drum.

Meals are served in the Dining Bure or on the Deck which sits out over the water with wonderful views over the neighboring islands. All three meals plus snacks are included in the daily rate.

The food here is excellent. For breakfast there is a hot menu and a fruit and cereal buffet style selection.

Lunch and Dinner has the choice of salad or soup, a main course and sweet. Add to this afternoon tea and cakes and evening appetizers.

The only things you have to pay for are alcohol, because water, tea, coffee and breakfast juices are included in the daily rate. The menu changes every day and the service is excellent.

One of the best opportunities given whilst staying on Matangi is to be around the local islanders, and the resort ensures you have the chance of doing just this.

There are weekly trips to a traditional Fijian village on the neighboring island of Qama, and if you possibly can then ask to go to the Fijian mass at the Catholic church on Taveuni. Take a picnic on honeymoon cove, and go to the waterfalls.

It is very true to say that Matangi isn’t just for a vacation. Many visitors come to get married, and many many more for the perfect Fiji honeymoon vacation, resort or package. This is a truly romantic spot in a very romantic part of the world. It is the perfect place to relax after all the excitement of organizing and actually getting married!!

A few final points to make. Remoteness has its slight drawbacks, and one of them is the price of alcoholic drinks which have to be imported.

Also you need to be prepared for the flight from Nadi/Suva to Taveuni, as the aircraft is only a fifteen seater.

This is small, so if you don’t enjoy flying, it will be an experience worth relating when you get home.

Matangi doesn’t take credit cards, but again you’ll only need to worry about your drinks bill because you’ll have paid the rest up front. In addition there seems to be no tipping, although you can make a contribution to the staff fund

Matangi is worth it, and finally the cream on the cake is the exquisite snorkeling on unspoilt reefs. Just go, and enjoy your own best Fiji resort.

If you are interested in other Pacific Ocean Hideaways then look up

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