Virgin Islands Top Resort Honeymoons Is Peter Island

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The Virgin Islands Top Resort for Honeymoons has to be Peter Island.

Any visitor here would describe Peter Island as one of the very top Caribbean beautiful small island vacations, with just cause too!!

To be on your honeymoon on Peter Island, is just a dream come true, because as well as being a top Caribbean resort, it is probably the most romantic hotel in the Caribbean.

Honeymoons should always be romantic, and whilst it has to be said that what Peter Island is not, is that it could never be described as one of the most romantic affordable honeymoon ideas, because it is definitely not cheap, however it is one of the two most romantic vacations spots for me.

The first being when my husband proposed to me!! ………………

Enough of that, now what about Peter Island as the most romantic hotel in the Caribbean?

This was our first trip to the Caribbean, although we are very familiar with top class resorts, beautiful white sand beaches, and delicious food, but we were not prepared for some of the most beautiful beaches on Peter Island. It really is a top resort in every sense of the word. The sea is so clean and clear, and if you enjoy snorkelling, which we do, then the beaches we tried snorkelling from were excellent. There were plenty of opportunities to indulge on the water as well with hobie cats, sunfish, windsurfing, sailing, sea kayaking.

The best thing about the beaches apart from the sand and the sea was the fact that there were never many people there. We mostly went to Deadman’s Beach which runs from close to our room, past the beach restaurant

The island itself is a tropical paradise, palm trees, lush green vegetation, and VERY private. No streets, no taxis, no shops, no cruise ships, airports, time share salesmen, not even houses. This is a privately owned island, and it will stay that way – pristine, unspoiled paradise, and very very private.

The accommodation is probably understated, but we were lucky indeed to get an upgrade to a beachfront junior suite.

It was quite amazing, beautifully furnished, a huge bathroom with a double Jacuzzi, and shower. The view from this 1st floor suite was unforgettable, and incredibly you could walk out straight onto the beach without using the stairs or the front door.

I did like all the extras in the suite, the robes, flip flops etc, but the best thing to me was the fact that the radio in the room took CD’s and I always take some away with me, so we could listen to our favourites when we were dressing or just relaxing.

Finally the fridge in the suite was well stocked, and the prices remarkably cheap.

I come now to the food, and with it the service, and this is really where Peter Island has rightly established itself as the Virgin Islands top honeymoon resort, because if ever a girl wants to be pampered it is on her honeymoon!!

Well the food at Peter Island is extremely good, and loving my food as I do, this was a foodie paradise. Breakfast, lunches down on the beach, dinners were all delicious, and I can’t remember a bad meal.

The service was mostly superb, the staff went the extra mile many times for us, and were very good at remembering our names, and supplying us with things like snacks when we wanted them even if we had only casually mentioned the subject.

The total highlight for me was the spa. My husband and I both had massages for the first time, and we loved the pool at the spa with the best views.

Peter Island certainly lived up to its reputation as top Caribbean small island vacation, and will always be on my list of most romantic getaways, but as it is not cheap, whilst most romantic it was not my most affordable honeymoon idea – but who cares – I loved it!!

The Top 6 Reasons To Attend A Camper Show

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In the early part of the year camping and RV shows are the most prevalent although some popular shows take place in the fall too. But in the Midwest where I live, most camping and RV shows take place in the first few months of the year. Here’s my top 11 reasons why you should go to one, or even two or three!

1) It’s a way to get your mind off winter, the cold, and the snow for a short time. While you’re at the show, you’ll be thinking of summer, sun, green trees, and campfires; not shoveling snow or wearing 12 layers of clothing in an attempt to stay warm.

2) You get to be around really nice people. People who camp and RV are, for the most part, really friendly and outgoing. While at a show last weekend I had people joking around with me and striking up conversations about camping and the campers we were both looking at. It’s a fun environment.

3) Comparison shopping. At the larger shows there are literally hundreds various campers and RV to look at. You can go inside them, look around, and talk to the dealers about each one’s pros and cons.

4) Discounts and Freebies. The dealers and exhibitors at the camping and RV shows want people to do business with them during the show and make it attractive by offering special show prices on their campers and RV’s; and/or giving additional items with a purchase such as free upgrades, free gas, a free grill, free camping lounge chairs, etc. Most exhibitors have some sort of giveaway. It may be a drawing for a grill, nights of camping or may be free samples of food their selling. The show itself may give away prizes. The latest camping show I was at was giving away a brand new camper to one lucky prize winner.

5) Class A Motorhomes. Whether or not you own a Class A Motorhome now, plan to own one in the future, or think you’ll never be able to afford that luxury, it’s worth the price of your admission ticket to tour the luxury Class A motorhomes at the shows. I toured three at the last show I was at. The nicest one had a $400,000 price tag. It was gorgeous. I overheard one woman saying the kitchen was much nicer than the one in her home. I can understand why she said that. The kitchen area in that particular Class A motor home had solid cherry cabinets, solid surface countertops, and tile flooring.

6) The Seminars. Even if you aren’t a camping enthusiast you may find the seminars offered at most of the shows to be of interest to you. The seminars are usually short in length, 30 minutes or less, but are packed with interesting information. The latest one I attended talked about some of the best vacation destinations in my state, the most scenic roads to drive, the best nature areas to visit, and some of the most unique and weirdest places in the state. I’ve lived in the state all my life and I didn’t know about several of the places I was told about. I now have some new weekend getaway and vacation destinations.

Now that I’ve given you my six top reasons to attend a camper or RV show, get out there, go to one, and have a great time.

Top 10 Things To Do In Paris

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1. Checkout the Markets — A daily Parisian ritual is to rumble through the open air markets to buy fresh food. A not to be missed market is on Rue Montorgueil beginning at Rue Rambuteau (Metro: Les Halles).

2. Flower Market in Ille de la Cite — There is no better way to make your home feel like yours than with fresh flowers purchased along the Seine.

3. Fauchon — Gourmet Shopping with over 20,000 specialty food items from all over the globe is a guaranteed way to hone your kitchen skills or bring out your inner chef.

4. Roam Montmartre — Yes, it’s touristy and by some standards overrated but it’s still Paris at its best so wander and enjoy the Sacre Coeur.

5. Six Feet Under — Bring flowers and pay respects to legendary Americans who called Paris home or in Jim Morrison’s case died in Paris. The most famous cemetery in the world Pere Lachaise is worth the visit.

6. Stroll the Seine — If you are fortunate to be sharing your apartment with someone, nothing rekindles a romance faster than a stroll along the Seine ANY time of day

7. Tea Time — England is famous for tea but a Parisian Tea Salon is an experience. Visit the Angelina or Bertillion and experience true tea time grandeur not a soggy watercress sandwich.

8. Write the Great American Novel — Thrive on the inspiration from lingering in a café exploring your inner demons and admiring the enchanting Parisians. It worked for Hemingway.

9. Opera — Visit one of the grand opera houses even if you don’t like Opera. The grandeur and people watching in the Bastille and Garnier are wonderful stories you can bring back home
10.Window Shop like a Parisian — The ultra expensive Parisian shops on Fauborg-St. Honore such as Hermes, Dior, LaRoche, Courreges, Cardin and Saint Laurent are a decadent treat…maybe one day

Top Ten Reasons To Spend Christmas In Tenerife

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Having splashed and sloshed our way through the wettest summer in living memory, many of us Brits are severely in need of a bit of light relief. Recent statistics reveal a desperate rush to leave the country over Christmas and head to the gloriously sunny climes of Tenerife. The statistics, from a survey by TravelRepublic, show a massive increase in winter sun holidays in general and Christmas holidays to Tenerife are the most popular of all.

There has been a drop in Tenerife holiday prices this season with many one-week package holidays to Tenerife coming in at under £300. Cheap holidays to Tenerife are clearly a big draw to those of us keen to escape the grim British weather, but could there be more to it than this? Christmas is getting bigger every year and the pressure to get it right is immense. A Tenerife Christmas can remove such hassles, and more. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of ten aspects of Christmas hell and how jetting off on a sunny holiday to Tenerife will turn them all around!

1) In the UK: Presents and shopping

Us Brits spend an average of £384 on 18 Christmas presents. Significantly more than you might be spending on your whole Tenerife holiday!

In Tenerife: Spanish souvenirs

It’s impossible to list all the Spanish souvenirs you could find for your loved ones, but here are five of the most popular items you could pick up whilst on holiday in Tenerife:

Abanico – hand held fans elaborately decorated or carved from wood make a great Tenerife Christmas present.
Football Souvenirs – items brandishing the Real Madrid crest or a miniature replica of the stadium are ideal gifts for footie fans!

Bullfighting Souvenirs – you can buy a representation of the three matadors or even a replica matador’s jacket.

Toro – these miniature Spanish bulls vary in quality from moulded plastic to elaborate pieces hand made in leather.

Art & Paintings – from the country that gave birth to Salvador Dali and Picasso there is a large selection of cheap scenes of everyday Spain.

2) In the UK: Enforced jollity

At Christmas there is no greater sin then appearing to be grumpy. Never mind if it’s raining again when it ought to be snowing. Never mind the awkward family tensions. If your mood isn’t up you’re in trouble – you’re ‘ruining Christmas’.

In Tenerife: Real jollity

Waking up to the bliss of no responsibilities and a day of sunbathing will put you in a naturally good mood, so there’s no need to fake it!

3) In the UK: Inappropriate outfits

Christmas seems to inspire the oddest outfits: fluorescent antlers, hair tinsel, ‘fun’ paper crowns, ridiculous knitted festively themed woolly jumpers – the list is endless and another example of that enforced jollity.

In Tenerife: A good tan

Developing a healthy glow on holiday in Tenerife will make you the envy of all your friends when the glitter of Christmas has died down to a dull fizzle and everyone’s feeling pale and miserable. Ha-ha!

4) In the UK: Guzzling excessive cheap alcohol

To get through the emotional rollercoaster of another family Christmas, many of us, despite our best intentions, will turn to the bottle to ease the pain. The following day’s hangover only makes it that much worse.

In Tenerife: Sipping cocktails by the pool

There are so many fabulous bars in Tenerife that you’ll be spoilt for choice, and there’s no need to overdo it when you’re already having so much fun!

5) In the UK: Office parties

You can already picture the scene: watching what you drink in case you say exactly what you think about your unbearable boss or colleague, whilst pretending not to be disgusted by the cringeworthy advances of the office letch. Finally, you end up dancing wildly with said letch in a mad drunken stupor. The Facebook photos won’t make it any easier to forget.

In Tenerife: Beach parties!

A beach party in Tenerife will really blow away the winter cobwebs. For daytime fun, the main beach of Playa de las Americas is where the party people go to recharge their batteries before the next clubland assault and when the sun goes down you can head to Enramada Beach near La Caleta, where Chiringuito Beach Club hosts parties at the weekend. Many revellers choose to camp on the beach at Las Galletas, bringing their own food and drinks and listening to music into the small hours. Christmas in Tenerife is such fun!

6) In the UK: Christmas lunch

First of all, whoever’s cooking is incredibly stressed, and claims you have no idea how much work there is to do (if you try and help then you’re inevitably doing it all wrong). This leads to petty arguments and numerous kitchen disasters. Meanwhile one member of the family has suddenly decided to become a vegan without telling anyone and refuses to eat a thing, glaring grumpily while everyone else tucks into their turkey.

In Tenerife: Tapas & fresh tropical fruit

Food in Tenerife is very tasty and a lot less stressful than Christmas dinner. Tapas are Spain’s appetizers, scrummy little dishes which are often flavoured with garlic, chillies or paprika, cumin, salt, pepper or saffron. It often comes with seafood such as anchovies, sardines or mackerel in olive oil with tomatoes and sometimes peppers or olives. On your Tenerife holiday you can also sample many delicious tropical fruits like mangoes, paw paw and ‘platanos fritos’ – fried bananas.

7) In the UK: Christmas television

Saccharine Coca Cola adverts, endless repeats of ‘Only Fools and Horses’, soap extravaganzas and ‘Celebrity’ Christmas specials.

In Tenerife: singles – Find a winter romance

For goodness sake, forget TV and get out there onto the lively Tenerife singles scene. If anything’s going to boost your sprits at Christmas it’s a sizzling holiday romance!

8) In the UK: Christmas number ones

Slade’s ‘So here it is Merry Christmas’, Band Aid’s ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ and Aled Jones’ ‘Walking in the air’. Haven’t you heard them all enough?

In Tenerife: iPod

Forget the naffness – when you set off for your holiday in Tenerife you make sure you’ve got all your favourite tunes at your fingertips so you can sunbathe in peace.

9) In the UK: Carol singers

Expecting you to give them money for one chorus of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ when half of them don’t know the words and the other half are miming.

In Tenerife: iPod

See above.

10) In the UK: Unrelentingly grim weather

Grrr. Grrr. Grrr.

In Tenerife: Sunshine

Mmm – what a relief!

Time For Summer! Here Are The Top 20 Pool Tips To Ensure All Your Family And Friends

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* A person must learn to swim and always swim with a buddy, never swim alone.
* Swim in areas accompanied my a lifeguard.
* Be observant and read and obey all pool rules and posted signs.
* Children or beginner swimmers should wear a floatation device in and around the water.
* Set water safety rules for the entire family based on their swimming abilities.
* Become informed of the water environment you are in and its potential hazards. This may include it’s deep and shallow areas, it’s currents, etc..
* Check out the local weather conditions and forecasts prior to swimming.
* When entering the water, use a feet-first method.
* Dive only when the area is clearly marked for diving.
* Do not consume alcohol while swimming, diving or boating.
* Know how to prevent, recognize, and respond to all emergencies.
* Never, never, leave children alone next to a pool. Children are very curious individuals and may fall within a fraction of a second.
* Install a phone next the your pool area and post a 9-1-1 sign in clear view.
* Learn how to perform CPR on all individuals and post the instructions in clear view for others to refer see and learn as well.
* Wear sunscreen. Protecting your skin from UV Rays in very important.
* Drink a lot of water even if you don’t feel thirsty. This can prevent heat stroke.
* Always keep basic life saving devices near the pool, such as a rope, a pole, or a personal flotation device.
* Completely remove your pool cover before allowing anybody to enter the pool.
* Don’t leave pool furniture close to your fence, this would enable a child to climb.
* Don’t ever run near a pool, the wet ground can cause an individual to slip and fall.

Top Seven Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas is becoming a sought after vacation destination, and that’s a fact. It’s popularity is steadily increasing. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every vacationer, including: private secluded getaways, beachfront weddings, nightlife and activities. In this article I am going to discuss the top seven things to do in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. If you are planning a vacation to Cabo, the activities listed below are all a must do!

Diving in Sea of Cortez
Cabo San Lucas is a unique diving destination because the Sea of Cortez is located between temperate waters and tropical waters. The Sea of Cortes is one of the world’s unique ocean environments. It is considered to be the biologically richest body of water on earth, supporting over 800 marine vertebrates species. Diving in Cabo is famous for it’s “sand falls”. The sand falls are actually streams of sand that fall over the underwater canyons. They create sand rivers and this is extremely interesting to see. The nutrient rich waters make for a spectacular population of fish from small inshore fish to large schools of jack, tuna, dolphin, and “sportfish” such as dorado and marlin. There are migratory visits from whales and hammerhead sharks. A fortunate scuba diver may also encounter manta rays, and even whale sharks in the plentiful waters of the Sea of Cortez. It is critical to the success of your dive to plan your dive at the right time. The Sea of Cortez sees good weather conditions June through November. Prior to June, the Sea of Cortez waters temperature is quite cold. If you are not interested in diving you could also snorkel. There are diving and snorkeling tours available. Snorkeling would still allow you to see most of the inshore fish and some of the beautiful coral.

Horseback riding on the beach
Horseback riding for is available for all levels of riders at several stables in the Cabo San Lucas area. There are trail rides in which you are accompanied by a guide. Trail rides can vary from a desert ride, to a beach ride or, in and about beautiful rock formations. Either way it is a great way to see much of Cabo San Lucas’ scenery. Horseback riding is also available for the whole family, with younger children riding with adults. For those of you who are horse lovers you can see pure Andulsian horses at:Cuadra San Francisco Stable.

Whale Watching
Whales pass several hundred meters off of Cabo San Lucas’ shore every year. The best time to see whales are between January and March, when the gray whale migrates. There are several ways to whale watch in Cabo San Lucas. There are boat tours that offer whale watching. Boats of varying size carry the hundreds of whale watchers out to see these marine mammals as they visit our peninsula in their annual migration, every year. It is not uncommon at this time for a curious whale to come close to a boat. Although no trip can guarantee whales, the odds are definitely in your favor. The smaller the boat the better your chances are of getting close.

Have a drink at Cabo San Lucas’ most famous club
The Cabo Wabo cantina is Cabo’s most famous club, owned by Sammy Hagar. If you are in town at the same time as Sammy is, you might even get to watch one of his impromptu performances. If you are not that lucky, you can still enjoy the atmosphere the Cabo Wabo has to offer and live music on most nights. The Cabo Wabo also offers a menu filled with American and Mexican food to feed your hunger.

Hike through the desert
You must be especially careful when hiking in Cabo’s desert lands. You will need twice as much water as you normally would. A trek through the desert is absolutely spectacular. Desert hiking is best in the winter, with the temperature being around 70. It is possible to hike the desert in the summer but, you must go in the early morning. It is dangerous to hike alone, and best to hire an experienced guide from the area, just incase you get lost. The desert offers incredible rock formations, unique vegetation and wildlife native only to this region. Hiking can be for all ages and hiking in Cabo’s desert is something that you will remember. There are also other hiking and natural history tours which include fossil fields, challenging hikes into the Sierra de la Laguna and day trips to old mining ghost towns.

Bird Sanctuary
Close to downtown San Jose Del Cabo is the San Jose Estuary and Bird Sanctuary. In the sanctuary you can find about 200 species of exotic birds which include egrets, herons and brown pelicans. You can rent a kayak to experience this sanctuary. Sunrise and sunset are the most scenic times to visit; however, if you are an avid bird watcher and want to see species and identify them, you may want to visit during daylight hours. There is a also an information center to answer any of your questions. Admission is free at the San Jose Estuary and Bird Sanctuary.

Visit Lover’s beach.
Lover’s Beach ( also known as Playa Del Amor) is another must, but to get to this beach you’ll need some kind of boat or kayak as the beach is not accessible by land. It is possible to hire a water taxi at the marina. Lover’s Beach is surrounded by towering rock formations and is hidden behind Cabo San Lucas’ landmark arch, El Arco at Land’s End. Be careful swimming here, the powerful waves and currents of the Pacific make swimming quite dangerous. You can view where the Pacfic and the Sea of Cortez meet. Lover’s beach offers many spectacular views.

Top Luxury Hotel Costa Rica Is The Hotel Punta Islita

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This Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica known as the Hotel Punta Islita is quite isolated and positioned on a high bluff between two mountainous ridges overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the northwest Guanacaster Province. You will certainly have a luxurious Costa Rica Vacation here, and it would be an ideal spot for your honeymoon hotel, because of the stunning setting and the isolation

Every room has a king sized bed, and a private patio complete with a hammock. There is a well stocked bar and excellent en-suite facilities. The Punta Islita Suites are worth paying extra for, with a sitting room and a private Jacuzzi. Whatever room or suite you choose, they are all large and the type of luxury you expect from a quality hotel.

The Punta Islita is not on the beach, in fact it is about a ten minute walk, but there are shuttle buses. The hotel beach is in a small crescent shaped cove, and quite calm and protected, but the beach itself is long and almost always deserted. There is also a bar at the beach club, serving drinks and snacks, with a freshwater pool and a swim up bar. There is plenty of room here to relax in the landscaped gardens .

As you would expect from a luxury hotel the food is a feature. Because of the isolated nature of the hotel, after all you need a 4 x 4 vehicle to get you there, there aren’t really many alternatives when it comes to eating. The emphasis at the Punta Islita is on fresh seafood, and a touch of nouvelle cuisine. The meals are served in the Palapa restaurant. The views of the sunset are incredible.

The Luxury Hotel Punta Islita sits at the edge of the tropical rain forest, so the environment is very much an untouched by civilization and the hotel works at keeping it that way. It must be one of the most unspoilt beautiful spots occupied by any hotel.

The staff here are particularly good and helpful, and the canopy tour in the rainforest is a must.

What a lovely luxury hotel in Costa Rica is the Punta Islita. Take a vacation package, or just a holiday, perhaps even your honeymoon.

Top Ten Best Boating Lakes

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Top Ten Boating Lakes

When it comes to boating there are plenty of lakes that allow you to have fun. However, there are few lakes that are the best for boating and you should take advantage of the fun these lakes have to offer.

1. Houghton Lake – Michigan

Houghton Lake is the largest inland lake found in the state of Michigan and it is also one of the largest natural inland lakes in the entire United States. The lake is an extremely popular resort and is know for its year round fishing and water sports including ice fishing in the winter.

2. Lake Tarpon – Florida

About ten miles west of Tampa is Lake Tarpon, Florida which has 52 square miles of water. This lake is popular with boaters because of its renowned largemouth bass population. Because of their two largest tributaries, South Creek and Brooker Creek, this is a regional recreational destination that offers some excellent fishing for boaters.

3. Red Lake – Minnesota

In northern Minnesota there is Red Lake which is the second largest natural freshwater lake found in the United States. It is divided into two sections with a peninsula in the middle which is home to the Ponemah community. The size and quality of this lake offers some excellent boating opportunities.

4. Lake Geneva – Lake Geneva

Southwest of Milwaukee there is a resort city located on the edge of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Because of railroad access from Chicago this lake has become both an excellent resort and outdoor recreational facility. Everyone can enjoy any type of boating they want at this lake or they can relax beside the lake in one of the many resort communities.

5. Clear Lake – California

The largest natural lake located entirely in California is Clear Lake. Many streams feed this lake, but it only has Cache Creek as the outlet. The lakes capacity and outflow is regulated by a dam located on Cache Creek. It is also believed to be one of the oldest lakes in North America. Due to its large capacity and the fact that it stays at the same depth all year round makes it an excellent lake for boating sports or for fishing.

6. Lake Travis – Texas

On the Colorado River in central Texas there is a reservoir known as Lake Travis. It is a man-made lake after the Mansfield Dam was constructed in 1942. It is popular recreational lake due to its large capacity, which makes it one of the largest of seven reservoirs known as the Highland Lakes.

7. Lake Marion – South Carolina

In South Carolina the largest lake is Lake Marion, which has about 315 miles of shoreline. They offer several public boat ramps so it is easy to get your boats in and out of the water. It is also known for some of the largest fish, which offers excellent opportunities for those who want to catch large fish such as striped bass, trout, white perch, white bass, crappie, channel catfish, Arkansas blue catfish and bream.

8. Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri

In central Missouri the Osage River was impounded to create the large man-made reservoir known as the Lake of the Ozarks. This lake features over 1,150 miles of shoreline. Although much of the shoreline on the lake is privately owned it is also a popular site for recreational activities. In fact it is home to Party Cove, which is one of the most popular boating gathering spots in the United States and has even been featured in several magazines and newspapers.

9. Reelfoot Lake – Tennessee
The northwest portion of Tennessee is home to a shallow natural lake known as Reelfoot Lake. It is more of a swamp and bayou-like ditches rather than a lake. The lake features a system of parks, wildlife refuges, recreation areas and public boat ramps so you can always enjoy the lake no matter what type of boating you do. For those who want to do some fishing it is one of the largest lakes for crappie in the United States.

10. Deep Creek Lake – Maryland

The largest inland body of water found in Maryland is Deep Creek Lake. It is a man-made lake that has a variety of freshwater fish for the fishing enthusiast. While fishing has been the most popular draw for the lake it is also expanding into a recreational boating community during the summer. Some of the fish species found in the lake include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, black crappie, walleye, yellow perch, rock bass, bluegill, common carp and northern pike.

Top Attractions In London

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When people think of London they think of the Royal family, the Parliamentary government, and years old tradition. If you plan on visiting London, be sure to stop by these must-see attractions for their history, their beauty, and their regal stature.

The Tower of London is almost a thousand years old and is home to the crown jewels. Make sure to plan ahead and get tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys, a 700 year long tradition of locking up the Tower at night. Tickets are free but you’ll need to get them 6-8 weeks in advance. Because the Tower of London is a hot tourist spot, lines are hours long. To avoid the long lines, buy tickets at any Tower Hill tube station. With your tickets in hand you can bypass the line and walk right in.

Buckingham Palace is probably London’s most famous building, and still a working Palace and home to the Queen. If you go in the summer months when the Queen is in Scotland you can get a tour of the staterooms. Buckingham Palace is also where the famous “Changing of the Guards” takes place. You can see this every day at 11:30am.

The Palace of Westminster and what is now the Houses of Parliament features the famous clock tower Big Ben, which chimes every 15 minutes. If you think of any postcard from London, you’ll recognize the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It contains the House of Commons and the House of Lords. While there you can see the Parliament in action by making an appointment ahead of time. The building itself is a masterpiece in its own right. Big Ben and the House of Parliament is one of the top attractions in London.

Westminster Abbey is a cathedral used by the Royals for funerals, coronations, and weddings. It is considered to be the nation’s cathedral. Its architecture is breathtaking and its history is astounding. Poet’s Corner pays tribute to Shakespeare, Chaucer, Dickens, T.S. Eliot, and several others, some of which are buried there. Also here, is the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Famous Royals like Queen Elizabeth I is entombed here as well as Edward the Confessor.

Once atop the Tower Bridge, the views are outstanding. This is the most famous bridge that spans the Thames River. When you buy a ticket you can go into the engine room that is responsible for lifting the bridge. You can also see video and interactive displays inside the bridge. This is a must-see for London tourists.

If you are visiting London soon, please check into the Westbury Mayfair Hotel. They have exclusive rooms and an ideal location next to the finest stores in London. While it may be a bit pricey, your experience will be unmatched.

A trip to London just wouldn’t be complete with visiting the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, and Westminster Abbey. Make sure you add these destinations to your itinerary. You won’t be disappointed!

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