Travelling To Murcia Is Ideal

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If you want a great vacation in Spain then you should surely travel to Murcia. This is an old city that was found in the year 831 AD and also has a rich Islamic heritage. The summers are hot and the temperature can get up to 40 degrees. The winters are pleasant and mild making visiting Murcia a must all year round.

When you are traveling to Murcia and want a good place to stay on your visit then turn to the Internet to research your options. There are many good hotels in Murcia, some more expensive than others and you can look at reviews online to decide which is the best for you. Don’t forget to consider traveling to lovely Torrevieja and booking a hotel there for a night or two during your travels.

If you are thinking of spending a while in the area than you should consider renting an apartment or villa. There are loads of available apartments if you book with enough time in advance. The advantages of an apartment are manifold and you can save money too. Cooking is a must if you plan on traveling with kids and it is easy to find an apartment either online or through an agent.

In the summertime there are tons of things to do for anyone. If you want a relaxing beach vacation than this is certainly the place for you, you can also visit the Mar Menor Lagoon which is seperated from the sea through a small piece of land. This is a great place to enjoy the water and bring the kids.

If you want to take in some culture and history then you should check out Murcia’s old churches. There is a beautiful cathedral that was built between the 14th and 18th centures and shows remnants of many types of architecture from Baroque to Renaissance. You are sure to get your fill of beauty and culture when you visit Murcia.

Visit the 18th century Sanctuary of Fuensanta while you are in Murcia. This sanctuary is devoted to the patron saint of Murcia and during Easter you can witness an amazing procession of the statue around time. This also happens again during the summer festival.

You can see the Museo de Tradiciones y Artes Populars if you want to get a dose of the city’s rich folk life. This museum houses a wide selection of agricultural and domestic pieces for your viewing pleasure. There are even pieces that are over 300 years old.

All year round Murcia is a hotbed of festivals. You can witness great festivals in the summertime or come for the popular Easter procession. You’ll see a rich parade where the patron saint is carried throughout the town. If you prefer to be there in warmer weather then check out the festivals during summertime.

If you are interested in a culinary treat than Murcia is the place for you. Check out the local markets that are rich in fresh produce if you want to cook for yourself. You can also enjoy the best restaurants to try out lovely local cuisine. Enjoy yourself on holiday in Murcia, Spain!

Travelling Through The Uk cardiff, Edinburgh And Glasgow

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It can be easy to forget there’s much more to the UK than just England. In fact, any true understanding of that island nation requires visits to the Celtic realms of Wales and Scotland.


Capital of the principality of Wales, Cardiff grew up as a port for the shipping of iron and coal from nearby Welsh valleys. Now it’s cast off its grim history as a rough seaport to become a green and stately city with pedestrian shopping quadrants, statued squares and a large and well-preserved castle.

Cardiff also features a strong sporting and cultural presence. Sporting events such as the national sport of Rugby Union are played at the new Millenium Stadium. The Welsh National Opera now performs at the Wales Millennium Centre, Wales’ palace to arts and culture.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Cardiff International Airport is about 12 miles from the city. It connects with various destinations in the UK and continental Europe.

Direct trains connect Cardiff with London, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham and others as do national coach services.

The city has an effective bus system and the city’s flatness make it perfect for cycling. There are also two kinds of taxis – the black and white prowl the streets looking for fares and other colours which have to be booked.


Typical for the UK though Cardiff’s coastal location tends to temper extremes of temperature. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 30°C and winters rarely fall below freezing.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Cardiff hotels

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

* St David’s Day on March 1st is the national day of Wales. If features a parade* The Big Weekend is probably the most active Cardiff festival. Held on the last weekend in July, masses of people swamp the city hall area to enjoy the carnival events and fun fair atmosphere.
* Mermaid Quay Cardiff Harbour Festival at the end of August features family fun with a nautical theme.


Edinburgh’s rich and storied history has endowed Edinburgh with a beguiling medley of medieval, Gothic Georgian and contemporary styles overlaid with an uniquely Scottish ambiance.

Capital of Scotland since 1437, Edinburgh is crowned with its castle. But for all its history it’s a lively place with museums and galleries, night-life,great restaurants and shops, and an scintillating programme of events throughout the year.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Direct flights link Edinburgh with cities in England, Wales, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Scandinavia and various countries in Europe.

Trains connect Edinburgh with a range of destinations from the spanking-new Edinburgh Train Station

Transport around Edinburgh can be summed up in the two words buses and bicycles.


Edinburgh has a temperate climate despite its northern location. The weather is generally mild though subject to winds gushing in from the south-west. Summers in Edinburgh are blessed with long days and it’s often sunny though rain can sweep in out of the blue. Winters are chilly with short dark days.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Edinburgh hotels

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

*Edinburgh International Festival in August is one of the world’s largest and most important arts festivals. The Fringe Festival runs in tandem. There are performances in venues all around the city.
*Also in August is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo held on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. Bagpipes wail and kilted regiments strut in this Scottish extravaganza.
*New Year’s Eve, known as Hogmanay in Scotland, is celebrated with gusto in Edinburgh with concerts, street parties an a large bonfire on the hill.


Over the last 20 years, Scotland’s largest city has cast off its roughhouse reputation to become a revitalised centre for commerce, tourism, and culture with excellent parks, museums and shopping. Now the city offers everything from curling to opera and ballet, and from football to art appreciation and symphonies.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Glasgow International Airport is 10 miles west of the city and Glasgow Prestwick Airport is 30 miles to the southwest.

Buchanan Bus Station is the center for all long-distance bus services.
Glasgow’s Central Train Station serves Southern Scotland, England and Wales and Queen St Station serves the north and east of Scotland.

Glasgow has a fine public transport system with a subway, trains and buses, and taxis are abundant.

The weather in Glasgow is milder than the rest of Scotland owing to its position. It gets the Gulf Stream current up the Clyde Estuary. Plus, the humidity resulting from its location in the Clyde Valley helps to warm the area.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts
Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Glasgow hotels

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

* January sees the two-week Celtic Connections music festival.
* February is the time of the City of Love festival which celebrates St Valentine.
* Glasgow’s biggest arts event is the two-week West End Festival of music in June. June is also the time of the RSNO Proms, a series of classical music concerts.
* Shortly after comes the Glasgow Jazz Festival in July.
* On a more Scottish theme, Glasgow hosts the World Pipe Band Championships in mid-August.

Travelling Through South America Lima, Rio De Janeiro And Buenos Aires

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South America is home to lands of fierce mountainous beauty, traces of ancient civilisations, superb tropical coastlines, alluring food and music, and pulsating festivals – in short everything your need for the ultimate travel experience.


Peru’s sprawling capital sits in the center of the country’s desert coastline. It’s a grimy, polluted place but one of charm and friendliness with a wealth of compelling architecture and great museums.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Lima‘s Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez services most international and domestic flights. The airport is best served by taxi as buses tend to be crowded.

Buses connect Lima with Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador as well as all over Peru. They are slow and can be uncomfortable.

Ocean liners berth at Lima’s port of Callao.

Lima is a sprawling congested city and public transport is disorganised. Taxis are plentiful but unregulated. Fares must be negotiated which is difficult if you don’t speak Spanish and taxis can be dangerous.

Micro and combi buses are cheap and the destinations are placed in the windshield. This makes things difficult if you’re not familiar with the city.

Lima is not pedestrian-friendly owing to congestion and pollution. Walking is only advised within neighbourhoods. Between neighborhoods a taxi is necessary.


Hot and humid all year round with little rainfall.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of Lima hotels

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

*Semana de Lima between 12-19 January celebrates the founding of Lima in 1535.
*Carnaval is celebrated on the last few days before Lent with music, dancing and water fights.
*Semana Santa in March-April is marked by processions throughout the city.
*Independence is celebrated on 28-29 July. Large rock concerts are popular around this time.
* Festival of Santa Rosa de Lima is on 30 August at the Santa Rosa Monastery.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio sits between imposing mountains and the glorious beaches washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic and is a true hedonistic heaven. The rhythm of the samba is rarely absent from this city in which every day is a celebration.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Flights connect Rio with all of Brazil and Latin America, as well as many other major cities. Buses depart for most destinations from Novo Rio Rodoviaria.

City buses are often crowded and struggle through Rio’s traffic. Rio has an excellent, air-conditioned subway system but it only covers points north of Botafogo.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of hotels in Rio de Janeiro

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

*Carnaval is the five-day internationally-famous extravaganza beginning at midnight on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Dancing, parades, head-dresses and flaunted bodies make up this unforgettable spectacle.
*The Fiestas Junina’s is celebrated in public squares throughout June.
*August 15 sees music, colorful stalls and a parade celebrating the Festa de NS da Gloria do Outeiro.
*Festa da Penha is one of the largest religious festivals in the city. It’s held every Sunday in October.

Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires is unique among South American cities in that it radiates the ambiance of the Europe of a more gentile age. But don’t be fooled. You’ll quickly find it also has a trendy chic side and a population that makes flair into an art form.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Buenos Aires is a major transport hub for the southern part of South America and has two airports. Regular ferry and hydrofoil services connect Buenos Aires with Uruguay.

Getting around Buenos Aires is easy. The city boasts an efficient underground known as the Subte and a round-the-clock bus system. Plus the major tourist attractions are near each other so it’s well worth exploring on foot.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

Check on the internet for the range, location and cost of hotels in Buenos Aires.

Events:what’s on and what’s hot

* Buenos Aires Tango is a tango festival that takes place between late February and early March all over the city.
* The Feria del Libro annual book fair celebrates Latin American literature in April at the Centro Municipal de Exposicions.
* Mid-May sees the art fair, Arte BA.
*More tango related activities on June 24 when aficionados remember Carlos Gard el, the man who made the tango famous.
*December features the Campeonato Abierto Argentino de Polo.

A Gap Year Working And Travelling In Oz

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Gap years are becoming ever more popular with students finishing their A-levels, wishing to mark their new found independence with a jaunt into the unknown, before committing to university life or employment. Who can blame them? There are hundreds of countries across the globe calling out for exploration. Perhaps none more so than Australia, complete with its limitless sun, sea and surf, outstanding architecture, unconquerable wilderness and sheer massiveness. However, it is the very scale of Australia that makes it somewhat daunting for many would-be travellers. Seeing it all, or even a decent portion of what Australia has to offer, is simply impossible in the 3 months offered by a standard travel visa. Sure, you can apply for an extended travel visa but these are hard to come by and few are lucky enough to have the savings to be able to support themselves over such a long period of time. Fortunately there is an alternative.

Many gap-year students are now taking advantage of the working holiday maker visa. The United Kingdom is one of 23 countries with which Australia has a reciprocal relationship whereby residents of one country can travel to the other for a period of 12 months and supplement their travel funds with wages earned from temporary employment. To qualify for this special visa applicants must be aged 18 to 30 and single or married without children, it is fair to say that most gap-year students would meet these requirements. However, there are a number of more subjective conditions that may exclude some candidates, for example, you must show that you have a good chance of finding temporary work (experience working in a bar or as an outdoor-activity instructor may be helpful) and must also have a return ticket or prove that you have sufficient funds to purchase one. To check if you are likely to qualify for such a visa may be worth a visit.

Even if you do qualify for the visa there are restrictions – you are only allowed to work for a single employer for a period of 3 months, this is to encourage travel and to ensure that you do not become too settled in a single place. Of course you could get around this restriction by accepting employment in the same area but with a different company, however, surely the whole reason for a gap year is to seek out new experiences, new people and new places.

So, let’s assume that you qualify for a visa, what is there to do once you have reached Australia? Must see cities include; Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Cairns and, of course, the capital itself (in fact entirely built for this single purpose) – Canberra. Famous tourist attractions such as; Ayers Rock (or Uluru to give it its Aboriginal name), the Sydney Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef are also more than worth a visit. There is undoubtedly enough here to fill 12 months with unmitigated adventure and the experiences of several lifetimes.

Australia is amazing and the working holiday maker visa means gap year students can experience more of it for longer but, as always, it is important to be safe and plan your journeys carefully. Now that you know all you need to for an enjoyable gap year tip down-under, all that remains for me to say is: good luck, have fun and always remember to wear sun screen!

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