Usa Beach Vacations

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USA beach destinations can be an excellent choice for families that want a fun-filled and relaxing vacation. Beaches offer a wide range of activities to insure the entire family will find something enjoyable during their stay.

Beach Activities

A day at the beach can include, swimming, jogging, walking, volleyball, flying kites, building sand castles, shell collecting, sunbathing, napping, picnics and best of all, relaxing. Bring a beach umbrella, beach chair, towels, sunblock, eyewear, camera, water, snacks, binoculars, a novel and don’t forget your bathing suit!

Boating and Fishing

Beach destinations often have a nice variety of boat cruises, including, nature cruises, scenic cruises, sunset cruises, , site-seeing, eco-tourism trips, kayaking adventures and fishing charters. The array of guided trips gives families a good choice of events, and there is something for everyone. For the more independent and experienced vacationer, boat and other watercraft rentals are another option.

When chartering a boat, it may be a good idea to consider the weather, traffic, and other factors, and plan ahead. Some boats can be chartered on short notice, while others may be booked up to a year in advance. Depending on the trip, season and vessel you might need sunblock, camera, insect repellent, water, snacks, a light jacket or even rain gear. Information on what to bring is typically available by contacting the captain beforehand.

On nature cruises you might encounter are any number of wildlife and waterfowl including deer, ducks, geese, herons, egrets, plovers and other shorebirds, whales, porpoises, otters, seals and more. Local guides know the best spots and are eager to guide visitors on trips that just cannot be viewed from land.

Fishing guides might fish for flounder, trout, bluefish, croakers, spot, drum, striped bass, shark, sea bass, tautog, tuna, billfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo or other fish, depending on the season, boat and destination. Other trips will feature crabbing, shrimping, clamming, or just exploring.


Crabbing is an enjoyable family vacation activity. Catching blue crabs does not require much in the way of equipment or skill. Crabbing can be done from a boat, pier, near bridges or along the shoreline. Crabbers need only a line, weight, bait and dip net for the traditional rig, or an inexpensive crab trap, which eliminates the need for a dipping crabs up. A more basic rig is just twine, a sinker and whatever bait you can obtain, tied on the line. The line is then lowered into the water, and gently raised once a tug is felt.

Serious crabbing baits include fresh fish, eels, bull lips and other baits but the most basic bait, chicken necks, work just as well on a hand line. The traps are used in a similar fashion, except that the trap is lifted sharply to close the doors suddenly and capture any crabs that are inside.

Crabs should be kept damp and cool and steamed as soon as possible. They are simple to cook, and can be steamed whole or chilled, then the backs removed and rinsed out before steaming. In either case, the crabs are sprinkled with crab seasoning and steamed until they are bright orange. Serve with melted butter and a cold refreshment! Crabmeat is also excellent in a variety of dishes and even freezes well for short periods.


Clamming is a family activity everyone can enjoy on a beach vacation. Clams are easy to find, cook and handle. Locals catch clams by raking, wading, and signing. Some clamming areas can be reached on foot. Boaters can explore even more possibilities. You can also use a local guide to assist you on an enjoyable clamming trip.

Dining Out

After a day at the beach you can stop for a cool ice cream cone, have a nice dinner while watching the sunset, or visit a local niteclub.

Beach destinations are known for fresh seafood! You might find fish, lobsters, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels, scallops as the fresh catch, depending on your location. Local cuisine varies but almost every beach destination will have something for everyone.


Beach resorts usually offer a wide range of accommodations. Vacationers will find vacation rentals, condos, cottages, hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfasts, camping facilities or other options.

Vacationers can sometimes get excellent
rates and availability in the off season. During the peak seasons, rates are higher and accommodations are much harder to book. Visitors are advised to check for availability well in advance in most cases.


Festivals are often an enjoyable activity during a beach vacation. Festivals usually combine, food, shopping and entertainment in one safe and easy to find location.

The Chincoteague Island Virginia Oyster Festival is a good example of a popular Festival. The event features Chincoteague Island’s famous oysters. The festival promotes the oyster season, which includes the cooler months of fall, winter and spring. Food served includes oysters prepared in a variety of ways, clam fritters, steamed crabs, and other items. The Oyster Festival is held at Maddox Family Campground, on Maddox Blvd in Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

Protect Yourself From Pickpockets When You Travel On Luxury Vacations

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The greatest travel destinations in the world are similar to each other in so many ways. They are visited each year by hundreds of thousands of luxury travel vacation tourists and have some of the greatest sights and experiences. Unfortunately, they are all full of pickpockets. Pickpocketing is one of the oldest forms of theft in the world, and is rampant anywhere there are tourists to rob. Knowing that you WILL be targeted on your trip, here are some great ways to protect yourself from pickpockets.

Protect your Valuables

Thieves are looking mostly to steal cash, and in some cases, your passport. The first step in thwarting attacks on your luxury vacation is to be aware of where you place your valuables. Men should never carry their wallet in their back pocket. If you must use a pocket, your front pocket is best. Another way to protect yourself is by using a money belt underneath your clothing. Stay away from keeping money in backpacks and fanny packs. Women who use purses should only carry ones that zip completely, and carry them on their shoulder with their arm over it, holding the purse in front of you. Get the latest luxury vacation deals by visiting

Don’t Look Like a Victim

Pickpockets carefully choose their victims. They are looking for tourists, who are probably carrying a lot of cash and credit cards. Do not dress like a tourist if you can avoid it. Try to blend in with the crowed and not stand out. Pickpockets are also attracted to people who are looking lost, confused or distracted. If you have that deer in the headlights look, you won’t notice your wallet is gone right away. Be as familiar as possible with your surroundings when you travel. A good reason to consider a luxury world cruise is you can explore the land, sights and attractions in a guided tour, offering group protection and being comfortable with the guided tour. For your luxury world cruise needs go to

Be Prepared

One of the most important things about traveling on luxury vacations is to be prepared for the worst. It is helpful to keep an accurate list of everything in your purse or wallet back at your hotel, so that should you be robbed, you can discover immediately what was taken. You should also carry emergency numbers for your credit card companies so that you may report stolen cards. It is also vital to keep copies of your passports, so that in a pinch, you have a copy of your international ID and a way to prove you are a citizen. Learn more about American Express Vacations by going to

Pickpocket thefts can happen even to the most experienced traveler on any luxury travel vacation. It is important to be aware of these common dangers. Make sure to store your valuables in an inaccessible area. Try to blend into your surroundings so that you do not look like someone to be taken advantage of. Should all of these precautions still not save you from being a victim, be prepared for the worst. If you follow these steps, you should be able to protect yourself no matter what a pickpockets plans are.

Maui Vacations Why You Should Visit Wailea

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Have you recently decided to take a Maui vacation? If so, have you decided which area of Maui you would like to visit? Depending on the length of your Maui vacation, there is always a chance that you may have time to explore the majority of the island, but if not, you may want to focus on one specific area. That area should be Wailea. Wailea, which is located on the Maui Island, is known as a popular vacation destination among tourists. One of the reasons for that is everything that you can do and see while in the Wailea area.

A must see in Wailea is the La Perouse Bay. The La Perouse Bay is known as a historical landmark. This historical landmark is most well known for it lava rock beach. In fact, the fact that the beach is mostly composed of lava rocks is one of the reasons why La Perouse Bay is a must see for vacationers, especially those on a first-time Maui vacation. Although the beach may be a little bit difficult to walk or sit on, the bay is ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even surfing.

When on a Maui vacation, particularly in the Wailea area, you will also want to take the time to visit the Ulua, Mokapu Beach. The Ulua Mokapu Beach is located in Wailea and it is a must stop for all vacationers, especially those who enjoy the beach. Whether you are looking to sunbathe by the shore, have a picnic, go swimming, or snorkeling, you are sure to enjoy the Ulua, Mokapu Beach. What is nice about this popular Wailea beach is that it is open twenty-four hours a day.

The Ulua, Mokapu Beach and the La Perouse Bay are just a couple of the many Wailea attractions that you should visit while on a Maui vacation. In addition to visiting the previously mentioned attractions, you can also enjoy a number of fun, exciting, and adventurous activities in Wailea. One of those activities involves hiking. Whether you wish to hike along La Perouse Bay or another scenic area, you can do so. Hiking on foot is the most popular, but it is also possible to find hiking tours in Wailea that involve the use of bicycles or horses.

In addition to enjoying Wailea on foot, you can also enjoy it from the water. The, above mentioned Ulua, Mokapu Beach is just one of the few areas where you can enjoy ocean or beach activities. These activities may include, but are in no way limited to, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, boating, fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. The beach and water activities that you have available to you will all depend on where in Wailea you are.

If you are looking for exciting ways to end your days, you can also find exactly what you are looking for in Wailea. Wailea has a host of popular restaurants, some of which include Restaurant Taiko, Longhi’s Wailea, SeaWatch Restaurant, and Nick’s Fishermarket Maui. In addition to a number of restaurants, Wailea also has many nighttime activities that you can enjoy. These activities can regularly be found along the beach or in local bars.

As important as it is to focus on what you can do and see in Wailea, while on a Maui vacation, it is also important to examine where you will turn in for the night. Oceanfront condos in Wailea are the most popular form of overnight accommodations in the area and among tourists. If you are looking to enjoy all that Wailea has to offer, including the beautiful beaches, you are advised to book a stay at one of the many oceanfront condos in Wailea; you will likely be pleased with your decision to do so.

Phoenix Golf Vacations When’s The Best Time To Go

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Every year the greater Phoenix area draws over one million visitors searching for a one-of-a-kind desert golf experience. In addition to the great golf, visitors flock to this paradise year-round for its world-class restaurants, high-end shopping and reliable sunshine.

While these are all great reasons to plan Phoenix golf vacations, some visitors are often left disappointed with the weather because it fails to live up to their high expectations. We want to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide of the best times to plan your Phoenix golf vacations, so that you don’t let the weather mess with your trip.

Best Seasons to Visit:

For the best weather Phoenix has to offer, plan your Phoenix golf vacations for the fall or spring, when the average high temperatures range from 75 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and average lows rarely dip below 50. September, October, April, and May generally offer the most moderate temperatures and are considered by many to be the best months for Phoenix golf vacations.

Spring training, which runs every day in March, can make a great addition to a golf vacation to the Phoenix area. While the rooms during March tend to fill up fast, there are still deals to be had if you plan far enough ahead. Tickets for spring training games are generally available at affordable prices. And combining a morning round with an afternoon ball game can be a great way to maximize your fun on Phoenix golf vacations.

Best Seasons to Avoid:

If warm weather is what you’re after, be cautious about planning your Phoenix golf vacations for the winter time. While winter temperatures in Phoenix are mild compared to those in the rest of the country during this season, visitors are often surprised to find that Phoenix during the winter is not much warmer than the place they’re escaping. Average winter lows usually hover in the low 40’s, while average highs tend to peak about 70. December and January are typically the coldest months.

It is also wise to be cautious about planning your Phoenix golf vacations during the summer. Summer highs consistently top 100 degrees, which can take away the option of afternoon golf, unless you enjoy playing in the extreme heat.

On a positive note, if you are searching for bargain Phoenix golf vacations, packages during the summer and winter months tend to offer some incredible deals. Just make sure to avoid peak holidays during the winter season.

Michigan Vacations

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If you have decided to take a vacation trip to the Michigan area, you are going to find somewhere to stay. There are more than a few choices.

Michigan Vacations – Where To Go And Stay

Michigan is a large state with lots of vacation opportunities. There are plenty of places to stay, but some of the major areas are the Northern Michigan area, Upper Peninsula, and the areas around Lake Michigan.

The northern Michigan vacation area includes the Sunrise Side, an area in the eastern part of northern Michigan. Located in this area is the Thunder Bay Golf in Hillman, Michigan. This hotel mecca is heaven for golfing enthusiast. Thunder Bay is located right on a golf course and four others are located nearby. Put another way, it can be golf all day, every day, if you want it to be.

Thunder Bay isn’t all about golf. You can go on rides to search for, and possibly hunt, elk. There is also a quilter’s retreat available which lasts four days and three nights. It includes workshops, teaching seminars and demonstrations. Optional spa treatments can be added to your quilting package, making it a great place for some rest and relaxation.

Another area brimming with Michigan vacation spots is the Traverse City area. One of the finest here is the Bayshore located on the beach at West Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan. This place promotes itself as the Traverse City area’s first entirely smoke-free vacation lodgings, making it a great, healthy place to take a family vacation. Included with all stays are a complimentary breakfast, high speed internet and a free airport shuttle, as well as other amenities. Getaways include such treats as a Wellness Room (your own room is turned into a mini spa!), romance and golf packages.

These are just a couple of northern Michigan vacation areas that you can visit. Others include the Grayling and Boyne areas. Michigan is definitely a top vacation area, great for romantic vacations, family trips and did I mention golf?

Golf Vacations In Beautiful Pei

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Not only is Prince Edward Island’s landscape a feast for the eyes but there is something for all golf enthusiasts, regardless of skill level. Canada’s smallest province has gained the reputation of being the country’s number one golf vacation spot, not just once, but twice! PEI boasts over 26 courses in total ranging from executive, intermediate and beginner skill levels. The Island has also played host in recent years to a number of professional golfers such as in the 1998 “Skins Game” with Fred Couples, Mark O’Meara, Mike Weir and John Daly. Mike Weir was once again on the Island for the Making the Connection Legends of Golf event in July 2007 where he and golf legend Vijay Singh played The Links at Crowbush Cove in beautiful Lakeside, PEI.

If it is an executive course you seek, there is one on every corner of the island. If you happen to be in the west give Mill River a whirl. As a par 72 course with 14 par 4 and above holes and greens fees at $45- $60, why waste another second? In the north Glasgow Hills is another par 72 designed by Les Furber and is classified as a ‘World Class Signature Golf Course”. If visiting central Prince Edward Island the Glen Afton Golf Club is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. This par 70 course offers the biggest bang for its buck, $26- $33 for a round – an absolute steal. When you finally get out to the eastern side of PEI be sure to pay the red sandstone championship Dundarave golf course a visit. After opening in July of 1999 it was quick to grab the attention of Golf Digest and SCORE golf magazine with both giving it top marks. These courses promise to give you the opportunity to use all of the clubs in your bag

If you love the game but are not ready to play with the pros, why not brush up on one of Prince Edward Island’s many 9 hole golf courses. Not only will it do some good to brush up, these courses are a great way to include the whole family. If your kids have an interest, or someone looking to play a shorter game is along, visiting St. Felix in the West, Forest Hills in the North, Country View in central PEI or Eagles View in the East are all great ways to get out and enjoy the sights PEI has to offer.

If you happen to be feeling ambitious you could try your luck with a double header at the beautiful Brudenell River and adjoining Dundarave. Offering 36 holes this day of golf promises to be quite memorable.

The next time you think about planning a golf vacation, keep Prince Edward Island top of mind!

Maui Vacations Why You Should Book Your Reservations Online

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If you are looking to spend your next vacation, whether that vacation is a family trip or a romantic getaway, in a beautiful, peaceful, yet eventful area of the world, you are urged to give Maui a glance. With its beautiful beaches and amazing shopping centers, you will likely find that there is no other place on earth that you would rather be. If that is the case, you may be interested in booking your next Maui vacation right away.

Have you heard of an online travel agency or website before? If you own a television, radio, or have internet access, there is a good chance that you know exactly what one is. This is because, many times, we are bombarded with advertisements stating that you should book your next vacation online. Have you ever tried booking vacation reservations online before? If you have yet to do so, you may want to give it some thought. You will likely see that are there are number of benefits to doing so.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of booking your next Maui vacation online is that you may be able to save a fairly large amount of money on your vacation expenses. A large number of online travel websites offer discount vacation packages. These discount vacation packages are ideal for travelers who are looking to go on a Hawaiian vacation, without having to go broke. Many times, you will find that it is not only possible to book overnight accommodations online, but make your travel arrangements as well, often with only one purchase.

In addition to saving a fairly decent amount of money on your next Maui vacation, booking your Maui vacation reservations online will also help to save you time. What is nice about the internet is that you can easily find and view number of websites, all in a matter of minutes or even seconds. This means that you could easily visit a number of different online travel websites to examine and compare their offers, in no time at all. Also, when booking your reservations online, the results as instant. As soon as you click a confirm button, your reservations are in place. Online reservations eliminate the hassle of being placed on hold, while waiting for an over-the-phone confirmation of your reservations.

As previously mentioned, booking Maui vacation reservations online can also allow you to compare prices, almost instantly. This is one of the reasons why so many travelers are able to take affordable, if not low-cost, Maui vacations. Thanks to the internet and the development of online travel websites, you can easily compare offers and eliminate the ones that you feel cost too much money. Essentially, this means that online reservations allow travelers to obtain the Maui vacation of their dreams at an affordable price.

The choices that you have, as seen above, are another one the many benefits to booking Maui vacations online. In addition to the cost of vacation reservations, such as overnight accommodations and airfare, you can easily choose how you want to purchase your Maui vacation reservations. It was stated above that Maui vacation packages are a great way to save money. Despite the fact that they can save money, there are many vacationers who prefer to pay for their Maui vacation expenses independently. If you are one of those individuals, you could also do this online. Simply by booking a stay at a Maui vacation rental, Maui hotel, or Maui resort and then making your airline reservation separately, you should still be able to make your vacation reservations online, in as little as a few minutes.

The above mentioned benefits are just a few of the many benefits that exist. Whether you are traveling to Maui for a few days or a few weeks, you could easily benefit by making your next Maui vacation reservations online.

Get In Shape For Outdoor Vacations

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So, you are planning vacations again and want something adventurous? Well, outdoor holidays can be a great way to spend a vacation. There are many activities you can do during outdoor vacations, including hiking which can be a great time to view some beautiful scenery first-hand.

But, you will need to get in shape especially if you have been a couch potato for the past several months. Obviously, hiking uses the leg muscles but almost every muscle is involved. Hiking also requires good cardiovascular and lung capacity along with the excellent muscular stamina.

Here are a few exercises you can starting doing to help you tackle the trails. With any exercise routine, perform a brief warm-up and stretches before starting the main workout. You might try jogging in place for the warm-up and stretches to focus on the left and right torso, hamstrings, calves and quadriceps.

Legs: To walk long distances over a lengthy time period will require that your leg muscles and joints are in top condition.

Squats are a good place to start. Extend your arms to the side or place them on your waste. Your heels should be close together but not touching and your weight balanced. Slowly squat down, then push yourself up. You can alternate between legs or stay with the same leg. Repeat this at least ten times and slowly work up to twenty then fifty as you gradually gain more leg strength.

Do the squats two to three times weekly if you want to be fully prepared. If your hike will be beyond a simple stroll over some hills, you are venturing on a more serious hike and will want to do some additional exercises. A weight machine is great for this purpose.

The back muscles are important to walking, as well as the torso area which provides the core against with limbs move. Strong back muscles maintain a good posture and are important for fighting off fatigue. This is especially true if you are carrying a backpack and traveling any significant distance. f

Sit-ups are also helpful to strengthen the core and torso muscles, as well as “lat” exercises. The latissiumus dorsi are the muscles on your side that often make men in shape resemble a triangular shape. Building these lat muscles and your nearby back muscles will help you on the long hikes. Moderate weightlifting is a great way to get these muscles in shape, and seated lifts, lat pull downs are two of the many exercises.

Finally, a rowing machine can work both the back muscles and the major leg muscles such as the hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. It is also a great cardiovascular-pulmonary workout. Start with a few minutes and work up to an hour in stages. Especially if you are new to rowing, give yourself a day or two in between sessions to rest.

There are many exercises that can help you get in shape for hiking. Just remember to make it a regular habit and do not give up!

First Time Disney Vacations

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So you’ve finally decided to head to Walt Disney World. With so much to see and do, it’s important to come prepared. Here are some excellent tips to make your trip one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Plan ahead. Decide ahead of time what your priorities are and make a plan of action.

Get to the parks early! It’s amazing, particularly in busy season, how many of the popular rides you can knock off before half the “World” gets out of bed.

Take the time to rest in the middle of the day. Stay at one of the Magic Kingdom or Epcot resorts, allowing a return in the middle of the day for a nap or dip in the pool.

Call exactly 90 days prior at 7 AM Orlando time for priority seating if breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom is tops on your child’s list. The only way you might get away with sleeping in and booking a bit later for this highly coveted character breakfast is if you are traveling in extremely slow season.

Come prepared for an afternoon shower during the rainy summer months even if the sky looks perfectly clear in the morning. Rent a locker to store your raingear and circle back if skies start to look threatening. However, if you’re caught unprepared, just about every store in the parks sells inexpensive rain ponchos.

Use Fastpass, Disney’s free, nifty timesaving device. It’s offered at all four theme parks and is a great way to save hours of waiting in line. Just insert your park pass in one of the machines located at each individual Fastpass attraction and receive a ticket printed with a designated one-hour window in which you may return and enter a special line with little or no waiting.

Pre-arrange priority seating, Disney’s answer to dining reservations, by calling 407-WDW-DINE. On arrival you’ll receive the next table available for your party size, thus saving hours of frustration and waiting.

Allow plenty of time to reach the theme parks each morning. It’s easy to miss your breakfast priority seating is you don’t allocate enough time.

Be spontaneous. If something catches your eye, even if it’s not on your daily list of things to do, stop and explore. If not, you could miss something wonderful.

Realize the limitations of your children. If they’re tired, take a break. If their feet hurt, get them a stroller (forget that they outgrew one years ago). If a ride scares them don’t force the issue. Such precautions will make your day and the day of other park visitors a lot less stressful.

Bring pagers, 2-way radios, or cell phones. If your party plans on splitting up, they are a perfect way to keep in touch.

Wear broken-in, comfortable footwear. Better yet, bring two pairs and rotate them. Nothing is worse than blisters on your first day and then nursing them for the remainder of your vacation.

Most importantly, slow down and enjoy the magic. Resist the urge to see everything at breakneck speed. You can’t possibly cover it all, so think of this as your first trip to Disney, not your last. There will be time to pick up all the things you missed on the next go-round.

Charter Yacht Vacations

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With many companies offering a wide range of prices for their charter yacht holiday packages, more and more people are taking to the seas for an adventure that they couldn’t experience in the past.

With crewed yacht charters, all the hard work is taken out of the yachting adventure, so you can enjoy the lifestyle yachting presents without the need to feel like you want another holiday after the charter to recover.

Charter yachts are available to suit many budgets from the most basic yacht to the luxury yachts that most people can only dream about. These luxury yachts come with a full crew including chefs and food fit for a king.

With so many beautiful places throughout the world to explore, charter yachts offer the advantage of seeing places that the average tourist will never go.

Imagine stopping off at a different island in the Caribbean everyday and then sailing off into the sunset for a new destination each evening as you sip champagne and eat the finest of foods.

When you compare the price of a yacht charter with a resort offering equal levels of service you might be in for a pleasant surprize at how cost effective yacht charters have become in recent years.

There is a wide range of yachts available for charter, from sailboats to motor yachts and the waters that you will be sailing will have a bearing on the type of yacht that you will want to charter.

It is wise to use a recommended charter yacht company as they have the experience to guide you in your decision-making.

If you are unsure it is always a safe bet to get a crewed yacht where you can safely trust the people who are familiar with the conditions that you will be sailing in.

Before your next holiday consider the costs and the advantages of a charter yacht vacation.

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