Curacao Landmarks

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Ever been in the situation where you’re on vacation and just sitting around in your hotel room thinking about what else there is to see and do? Do you need more options?

With Curacao Landmarks, you’ll have lots of choices. There’s everything from a fantastic park with interesting animal and plant life, to lively beaches where topless bathing is permitted, to a place where you can feed sharks by hand!

For history buffs, a good place to check out is the Hato Caves. Still in a process of formation, complete with dripping water from the walls, these caves contain some spectacular stalagmites and stalactites that are in the process of being shaped. They date back quite far, to the days of the Amerindian Arawaks who used them as shelter. There are also petroglyphs, otherwise known as cave drawings, which are more than 1,500 years old.

Christoffel Park and the Sea Aquarium also provide the visitor with many thrills. If you are an animal or plant lover, these Curacao Landmarks are for you. People that like lounging around on the beach will enjoy Curacao as well. These beaches are little-known, but fantastic. They offer a range of outdoor activities, as well as a relaxing place to watch the waves and beautiful scenery. They are one of the main reasons to come here for tourists.

People interested in architecture will also be very pleased among Curacao Landmarks. A couple interesting sites of note would be the Lanhuis Ascension and Fort Amsterdam. At the Lanhuis Ascension there now exists a recreation center that boasts a variety of shows and features local music. You can also pick up souvenirs here.

The Landhuis Brakkput and the Tafelberg must not be missed either. Romantic types will be swept off their feet by this landmark. It’s an open-air restaurant that was once an 18th century plantation building. You can find great food offerings here, along with delightful Caribbean music, and an ambiance that has “tropical” written all over it. This well-known restaurant is perfect for a dinner for two, or even a massive party. It’s also a good place to take children. Kids can enjoy themselves with supervised coloring activities.

The capital city, Willemstad, is also a major landmark in Curacao. There are famous carnivals that take place here between the beginning of January and the final days of February or March. These events draw tourists from all over the world. It’s a perfect chance to dance in the street with the locals.

Shopping addicts will also get their fix in Curacao, and then some. There are more than just Dutch-inspired treasures here to gawk at. There is also a famous shopping district, comprising five blocks, called Punda. The truth is that shopping here isn’t duty-free. But you definitely need to haggle to get a good deal. So that’s why some people seem to think that it is duty-free.

There are Curacao Landmarks to satisfy everyone. People who have experienced Curacao all agree that it’s the hottest destination in the world.

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