Amazing Plants & Animals of the Caribbean Sea

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One of the best parts about vacationing near a beach are the amazing creatures you can see beneath the sea’s surface. The Caribbean Sea is home to some of the most interesting plant and animal life.


  • Various types of algae (including but not limited to):

    • Papyrus Print Alga – A very thin green algae that has distinct veins running through it

    • Fragile Feather Alga – A green algae that has feather-like leaves sprouting out of white stalks

    • Fleshy Twig Alga – A number of two-lobed branches growing in a tangled mess together.

    • Green Net Alga – Very thin algae that looks much like netting

    • Flat Green Feather Alga – Dark green, feather-shaped leaves that grow upwards from the sand on the ocean floor.

    • Mottled Crust Alga – Generally orange algae with red spots, found in shallower water.

    • Reef Cement – Algae that takes the shape of the ground below it.

  • Sponges

    • Rope

    • Ball

    • Vase

    • Tube

    • Barrel

    • and Encrusting shapes

  • Corral

    • Pillar

    • Finger

    • Rose lace

    • Wire

    • Feather

    • Gorgonian/Sea Fan

    • * Each of which are named after the shape they take on



  • Various types of clinging crab (including but not limited to):

    • Red Ridged – Its body has grooves along its body, blunt claws, and sharp spines.

    • Banded – Has a hairy body and legs, and smooth claws.

    • Hairy – Dark red/brown body with short little hairs everywhere.

    • Green – Smooth green body and legs.

    • Nodose – Deep grooves and knobs cover the entire body.

  • Various types of cowrie (including but not limited to):

    • Atlantic Dear – Has a round shell and dark spots.

    • Measeled – Have an elongated shell with either spots or stripes.

    • Atlantic Triton’s Trumpet – Has an elongated shell with many little knobs everywhere.

  • Various types of nudibranch (including but not limited to):

    • Long Horn – Has tufts of cerata and usually tan or white markings.

    • Purple Ring – Transparent/orange body with long cerata.

    • Lynx – Has a very prominent blue line that runs down its entire body.

  • Various types of blenny fish (including but not limited to):

    • Blackcheek – Has red eyes and various sizes of white spots.

    • Arrow – Has a long pointed face, a red body and yellowish tail.

    • Ringed – Includes white bands as markings all the way down the body.

  • Various types of parrotfish (including but not limited to):

    • Blue – Has a light blue body with yellow eyes.

    • Redband – Large scales and small black dots behind the gills.

  • Various types of groupers (fish) (including but not limited to):

    • Strawberry – Named after the fruit because of its strawberry-like appearance.

    • Tiger – Lighter bars that turn to spots on other parts of the body.

    • Yellowfin – Darker rectangular patches cover this fish’s body.

  • Various types of dolphin (including but not limited to):

    • Bottle Nosed

    • Spinner

    • Orca

  • Banded Coral Shrimp – Known as a cleaner shrimp. It’s got really long antennae and has dark red/purple coloring.

  • Blue Tang – A bright blue fish with black markings.

  • Christmas Tree Worm – Has Christmas tree-shaped gills, thus its name.

  • Creole Wrasse – Travel in large dark blue schools.

  • Yellowtail Damselfish – A very brightly colored fish that feeds crustaceans, plankton, and algae.

  • Green Moray Eel – Actually a brown colored animal, but the yellow tint from the mucus it secretes makes it look green.

  • Nurse Shark – A docile species you can pet, it feeds off the bottom of the ocean.

  • Spotted Eagle Ray – Has a very elegant body covered in spots. They feed on molluscs and crustaceans. They can even crush shells because of their flattened teeth.

  • Squirrelfish – This is a brightly colored fish that is mostly active at night.


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